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  1. I dont think so and the other three have team together for so long i dont seem them splitting up kinda like the old fina lboss back in the old days with og,vic x and fis
  2. Would love to see Naded or Cloud on OpTiC they need a beast player that grinds,Possible with naded grinding as much has he has said in his vlogs lately. I havent seen Vic x and Hysteria play lately maybe put them with Ryanoob and Arkanum.
  3. With what he posted on twitter i can see him ready to grind even harder
  4. The BTH connection will be nice but idk how he would fit with flame and assult would be nice to see them run games optic needs a good 4th that can just go off and run it
  5. Cloud does grind and maybe this team will bring some new life into him and he will become that beast again
  6. So where you think Cloud is gonna go? Also who do you think is gonna be OpTiC's 4th also is Vic X team gonna get a 4th aswell or not
  7. does anyone have a link or post to the up to date rosters
  8. would be really cool just to see some come back and be apart of it some how , would be amazing for them to play but if not coach or cast would be amazing to
  9. wth with pringles lol but great vid i wanna see if the picks that have happned actually stick
  10. looks like there is gonna be alot of interesting teams that are gonna form here
  11. man agl royal screwed us with this sucks to see this happen to halo
  12. i remember this vids they were fun learning off of
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