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  1. I find it funny how my most recent post was negged because I stated a truth that a few disagree with, yet no one wanted to respond to it. So I'll say it again, feel free to respond to me this time. If you don't make the HCS Pro League, you're not a PRO.... So please stop saying that the "Pro's" will dominate the Challenger division.
  2. I find it funny, personally, when people say that with 8 teams in the pro league, the Challenger division will be dominated by the Pro's. Funny thing is, if you don't qualify for the PRO League.......You're not a PRO in H5.
  3. I think that some of these teams trying to qualify for the pro league are pretty good.. But I don't think any of the non qualified teams are better than HWC Denial. Too bad they didn't stay together.
  4. It's been rough being a OpTic fan these last few months. That win against the best team since 07 Final Boss makes it all worth it. #Greenwall
  5. I know, but looking at the 8 teams that I believe will qualify, I believe that OpTic will still qualify.
  6. OpTic will make the pro league. Thank you sweet baby Jesus.
  7. I agree, I believe eSports should take as many sponsors as they can. I mean, they sponsor a womens CS:GO team, not many Orgs do that.
  8. So many people say Maniac played good at Regionals.... Am I the only 1 who saw him stating?
  9. @@Towey I'm one of the few who watches all of your uploads. Please keep it going I really enjoy them, but I agree with @@Kables . If you can try to make it 1 video it would be easier. Don't stop bringing the content, I'm starved for VoD, please try to get every players perspective. Maybe you could try uploading just a few of the best games in terms of the person's perspective, not just the games they played well but also the videos we could learn the most from. Keep it up!
  10. For those of you who were arguing with me about sound and communication issues... If you watched the finals between OpTic and Rise, OG wasn't going to play at all because Karma couldn't hear, so they replayed the beginning of game 1. It IS that easy to tell the Ref's that you are having technical problems and ask/demand an immediate fix and replay.
  11. He's basically taking his frustration with the Denial situation out on forum members who agree with Contra and PreDevinator.
  12. You couldn't be unbiased here even if you wanted too. You're related to 1 of the parties here. It would probably be best if you didn't post about this at all, your post's are obviously emotionally charged.
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