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  1. I agree with this completely.
  2. Ultimate is great, but Nintendo's lack of a proper online network and system at this point is just a GIANT issue that makes me not want to play them game. Everything about the online experience is terrible.
  3. Maybe if this was a criminal trial you would be right, but it is a job interview and that creates a LARGE difference in how accusations and things of this nature are viewed.
  4. And yet here she is on the stand speaking better and more openly than anyone else throughout this entire process. Open to document release and investigation while the candidate continues to hide from both.
  5. Guilty until proven innocent. Most American thing there is!
  6. Stop advertising your blog please and thanks
  7. amo819

    NBA Thread

    For reasons too complicated for you to understand.
  8. amo819

    NBA Thread

    If Jordan was in the league today he'd be better, but if LeBron was in the 90s he'd be worse. Fucking kill me LOL. This is the worst take of all time.
  9. I wish some of you who like to blame and put the the unskilled worker at fault had to work one week in the staffing industry. My employers are infinitely worse than MANY of the people I put to work. At will employment is a huge issue for the unskilled and underpaid laborer.
  10. California would love it if they could separate from US, but the union will never let it happen because it would decimate the country's economy.
  11. Did we get our first russian bot?
  12. A lot of that is just access to the information and people that we didn't have 10-20 years ago.
  13. Feel like I should just delete the last 3 pages of this cess pool.
  14. The stock market is only being used that way because trump was claiming it as such and as an indicator of his "Great economic success." Was always going to have to eat the losses.
  15. @@gporter come collect my money you chump Should be sent!
  16. Relevant to that... Fuck Sinclair Broadcasting
  17. amo819

    NBA Thread

    The issue with some of these teams and their tanking is that they aren't even putting all these young guys in positions to work on things that will make them better. Just throwing out there and having them throw up garbage. Some of those 3 big memphis lineups are just horrendous and make no sense for "developing players" And they will blame it on these guys being to young and AAU ball not getting them ready when they don't develop well.
  18. I am trying to remember which part of my education had my college professors lecturing me about liberal values.
  19. I was a slacker last year and didn't set anything up, but here you are. Win $20 of my dollars by making the best bracket around town. ENTER HERE Hopefully that links to the right place. Let me know if you have questions
  20. Really hoping the Cross-Play works well. One of the biggest draws for me. Looking to hopefully see more content in the full release as well.

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