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  1. Words mean nothing. Unless it's on paper and signed for people can say they'll give you whatever they want. Don't agree to anything unless the contract is in front of you and signed. Like traditional sports, players won't play unless they've agree to terms and signed the contract. eSports players should think no differently.
  2. I rarely ever get on to the forums but tonight was different. I never knew about Money Matches before hand... Only thing I learned tonight... They let some ego driven CoD ammy run their company. Instantly led me to never want to work with anyone that associates with their CEO and/or Money Matches.
  3. Regarding expanding Halo to new demographics and such. That honestly comes down to the players creating content via YouTube and Twitch and promoting themselves via social media. CoD's numbers didn't come from prize money... It came from the players and teams. Rather or not players say it's not about the money, in a way, it is about the money. A lot of these players are only focusing on Halo and not actually working which means their revenue is coming from the tournaments/orgs/content/etc. ​I understand where he comes from regarding the money but it's up to all of us to do most of the work to grow the scene and expand Halo and not the developer and how much money they are putting on the line.
  4. Alright, so I've been working on something for quite awhile and still working on making it work for HCS. However I am still currently a F/A for the upcoming season, and wouldn't be opposed to joining a team for this season either. Trying to keep my options open.
  5. These are the only bench warmers I want on my team... I said I wouldn't... but... I had to.
  6. I just hope those players and coach get better treatment than we got.
  7. Just going to throw this out there for all those NA Regionals teams again... Any teams still looking for a coach? I'm still a free agent.
  8. Free agent for Regionals and Finals. Had something lined up for after X Games... Then they changed their minds... Will sellout for a coaching position.
  9. For someone that says they've only played 10 games and didn't know what they were doing, what makes you think any team is going to want to give you a shot this late into things?
  10. This has become more entertaining than the MLG days of roster changes. Back then you used to have to wait weeks for the crazy roster shuffle to commence. Now you just have to wait for one online event.
  11. Gamertag: JmS Spikemouth Customs/MM: Anything Region: NA Just looking to find some new players to game with. Let me know on XBL when you add me so I can add you back!
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