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  1. I think it's actually Rickie Fowler (Pro Golfer) https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/78/Rickie_fowler.jpg
  2. This is more like their idea to the eSports side of things @@Getaway @@TiberiusAudley
  3. GOTY: Witcher 3 I can't recommend it enough to anyone who hasn't played it yet. Most Anticipated: Tied between Division/Quantam Break/Battlefield 5
  4. @@TiberiusAudley great videos man! The only negative thing I have seen from your videos is with hearing your microphone quality, either being too loud or cutting in and out. Other than that keep chugging the vids out!
  5. Off topic: Thank you @@Moa for the find on the 2nd half of my sig :flames: On topic: Allegiance is looking great in these 2v2s!
  6. MCM is essentially Companies like Machinima who offer different payout incentives than YouTube. Let's say you get $0.01 per view after 1 million with YouTube and they take about 40% of your video earnings. Machinima would increase that to $0.08 (Not correct values but I'm just making a point.) but would still take a percentage of the money you make from the 30-40% range. I don't know how much sense I make but it's to the best of my understanding lol
  7. I feel like everyone needs to stop comparing Halo 5 to the Halos before. It's a new game. It's supposed to be different and have things in a way we've never had before. It's not meant to be like the past games or else it would feel really stale in terms of gameplay, think about playing and especially watching it over and over and over again for now what would be 11 years (in the case of Halo 2) and having little variation in maps like H2A... That would kill it more than anything.
  8. Especially GameBattle's. Join up now for a great group of over 15+ Halo members casual and competitive!
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