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  1. WHoa whoa whoa the XFINITY Training Facility is probably the only thing keeping this team in Pro League ty Comcast
  2. First one I was trying to say that since they have more budget they should be able to do more with the broadcast and festival Third one I was trying to say that since they know the space so well they should be able to do more with (hopefully) flawless execution But yea, could probably be just one point. Yea... understandably so. My years at CLG have taught me to have faith though.
  3. Looking for the silver lining... Considering they weren't able to secure their (presumably much larger and more expensive) originally desired venue, there should be a considerable cost savings hosting World Championships at ESL Studios in Burbank. Ideally, these savings would be passed on to significantly boost the production of the broadcast and surrounding festival. The size of the actual studio itself where matches are being played can either be a major weakness or strength. Obviously, you're going to miss out on large panning crowd shots from a jib, but you also don't have to worry about getting empty seats in your shots. Crowd noise on broadcast is another major element. Two prime examples of this are OGN's 2013 LoL studio broadcasts and current day NA LCS broadcasts. OGN (and GSL), for me, have always been the best examples of how to do small studios events right. They do a very good job capturing crowd noise and balancing those levels on broadcast. Small rooms are louder than large ones, so you can play that to your advantage. Some people don't do well with it though, NA LCS's broadcasts so far this split have done a really poor job capturing crowd noise, especially on the B stream. I would assume this is the largest budget event that ESL has ever run out of their Burbank Studio, a space they know better than any other. Considering this, we should hopefully see a very smooth broadcast with hopefully no technical issues and/or delays. Obviously, not getting the venue you want sucks for everyone, but in my mind that doesn't mean the event itself will suck. Some of my favorite esports broadcasts have come from small studio venues, it can be right (to the scope and scale which the venue allows).
  4. that was the joke (in jest, not trying to incite anything), but beyond could never be as unprofessional as what we're seeing in our election process smh
  5. I think of the debates as the Team Beyond forums audio book jk but come on that's pretty good
  6. I love when strongholds get so frantic like that at the end and everyone is just bombing contested points. I'm sure team comms were pretty fun to listen to.
  7. A very fair question. To my knowledge, everyone has been yes and I have been following up with team owners and players directly to ensure they have been. As you can see from my wording though, I'm not 100% in the affirmative there yet. The turnaround time on paying these players was obviously, ridiculously slow and completely unacceptable. In the future, I would probably organize such a tournament through a 3rd party organization instead of doing it through Twitch directly. Due to the various legal and financial complexities of being owned by Amazon, I think it would be much more expedient for everyone involved in the future if we were just writing one check to a 3rd party who was then responsible for distributing payments as opposed to handling those ourselves.
  8. I've been posting about exactly that! I'm not attacking Adam or MLG (other than I think that calling this stuff out publicly makes it harder for them to get back into the bidding process if they have indeed been stonewalled). I'm simply saying we as a community should not just to conclusions without the full story and instead of throwing blame we should seek suggestions for a plan to fix things we can get behind.
  9. My post is not disingenuous. I wasn't a part of those conversations and don't assume to know what happened, which is exactly my point. I know that conversations did happen though, which is why the whole "never got a chance" thing doesn't on the outset make sense to me. Again, the whole point is I don't know and as such, I think it's foolish to jump to conclusions either way when this is just the only source I have supporting this series of events.
  10. Well, yes, I assume those plans were given to 343i directly along with other companies bidding on the program. I also of course agree, information has not been easy to find. Again, we're making the assumption that MLG is and has been stonewalled. If this is indeed the case, then yes, SOMEONE creating a plan to help things would, I think, be the best path forward for us being the change we wish to see. Transparency is great in some areas, but other things are best kept behind closed doors. Business negotiations and relationships are one of those things where it's certainly best kept between parties. Let's all assume that MLG has the right plan and would be the best partner for 343i and HCS moving forward. We're now left in a situation where Adam (and like I said, I still really like the dude) has called them out publicly and essentially thrown them under the bus for 343i not choosing to work with MLG/not giving them the chance. If I'm 343i, does this make me feel better or worse about working with this organization? All relationships have ups and downs, but now this party has shown a propensity for outing the other party publicly when there are disagreements. If anything, I think Adam's choice of actions have made MLG's involvement with HCS less likely in the future, regardless of whether or not they have the right plan for Halo's future. This disappoints me because we could in turn, all suffer as a result.
  11. See this is exactly what I'm talking about. I am here, trying to contribute to the discussion but you are just making personal attacks against me. I know we can be more constructive than this. Also, I think it's a bit silly to say that because my perception of things don't align with yours that I "don't know anything."
  12. I would be more on board of pushing 343i to work with MLG if I were presented with a complete plan that I felt good in getting behind. Right now, we have the history of MLG doing wonders for Halo in the past, but certainly the esports climate has changed drastically since then and MLG's plans for approaching this game would change accordingly. As a result, I'd like to see someone offer a plan first, and then the community backing that plan instead of just throwing allegiances completely to one side based on personal sentiment (which granted, MLG has certainly earned with the Halo community). Could MLG have that plan? Absolutely, but as a fan and someone running a team, I'd like to see and be able to provide feedback on it first. Well yea, you only have one side of the 343-MLG story because one party decided to go and air their behind door conversations. I personally don't feel it's okay to do so and I don't think that 343i should start going out and publicly listing all the reasons they chose not to work with MLG. What message does that then send to other TOs who might seek to work with them?
  13. The question is rhetorical. Are you mad at me for joining the discussion and offering my input on how we might take action? What is the issue here? I'm very confused.
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