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  1. now that we got the finalized gametypes some challenger league info would be cool
  2. This is good timing for the ESL site to go under maitenance
  3. If people actually think commonly isn't good enough to be on EG then I give up
  4. Lost game 3 100-86 for top 16 Good luck to the rest of the teams in the tournament
  5. Of course the night before the tournament i start lagging again every game with spartans walking into walls. Has be a bit stressed going into tomorrow. Don't fail me now time warner/343
  6. Just wanted to let you know i appreciate you making this spread sheet. Helps give my team a rough estimate of what seed we will have going into each OT
  7. Stream highlight (teammate's pov) from my very average team 2-0ing Reality Check in GB
  8. After playing a bit of arena breakout I have to say i definitely like it more than normal breakout. Getting sneaky caps is so satisfying
  9. they are based out of canada if i remember correctly. they just currently have a Brazilian cs team but they are in cod as well
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