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  1. https://www.twitch.tv/gohanthesaiyan/v/112084838 WTH is this...
  2. If I was Ninja I wouldn't even worry about Halo anymore. His H1Z1 stream bring in 5k+ viewers and he still gets to compete competitively in it. Money and competition, I'd take that
  3. Message G0han or www.twitter.com/g0hanthesaiyan
  4. G0han hmu for lans and stuff
  5. The grind starts here again, if ya know me ya know me hmu to run games. GT: G0han
  6. Serious offers, please have some points. HMU GohantheSaiyan or http://www.twitter.com/g0hanthesaiyan
  7. @@Spartan Excellence was looking to sponsor a top 16 halo team
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