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  1. Team Name: S3AL T3AM SWAG Winner: S3AL T3AM SWAG Round Number: 1 Score: 3 - 0 Opposing team (x CaMz) failed to show up for match. (No call no shows)
  2. S3AL T3AM SWAG unable to contact X CaMz due to opponent not being online. Sent messages and invites, neither of us can get a hold of them. It's 16 after, so they forfeit the round to us.
  3. S3AL T3AM SWAG is unable to contact X CaMz. On my clock, it's 10 after, so does this mean they're forfiting a game to us, then at 15 after, they're forfitting the round entirely?
  4. Team: S3AL T3AM SWAG GT's: The Siege xD SaY Baseball Edit: Original partner had to back out, bringing in our sub to play for this tourney.
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