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  1. IV D27 VI anyone add me for HALO C.E. customs 2v2 3v3
  2. Hey man, im also a veteran to the game. My goal is to achieve high points ranking in HCS (halo championship series) by competing in online tournys, LANs or any other method HCS comes up with. i have a 50 in everything. plus way over 25000 games of h3. participated heavily in mlg customs for h3 and reach. i also had 16 halo 3 accounts, used for ranked playlists. played in multiple events. (MLG and other sponsored tournaments) I started playing in 2002 and played them all competitively. i could go on, a top 16 finish is my goal some time next year if i can find good teammates because im more dedicated than ever before seeing as how big esports could make halo. available from 10am to 10pm Mon-fri. lets make great things happen. IV D27 VI ps: i am playing in the 2v2 on 11/15 and i work weekends.but i would love to chat with you and play some games on tuesday.
  3. IV D27 VI anything C.E. MIDWEST add me, alot of down time till mm is fixed.
  4. Im looking for players who played alot of H3. have 50s and event xp. my goal is high as i am extremly dedicated to this year of halo. want to be a top 16 team would be happy with top 32. IV D27 VI
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