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  1. Seems to be a lot of pointless bitching around these parts.
  2. Sprint in this game is a good idea because you get punished for doing it too much. In Reach and 4 I agree it should've been in the game to start because there was no punishment for constantly using it. I think 343 have the right idea with balancing it in this game and people need to just stop knit picking.
  3. Alright I got some time to kill so here we go. Why do I like H5 you ask? I like H5 because it's something new, something fresh for Halo. It's fun, fast paced and rewarding. People on these forums are saying "Oh it's not traditional halo it's bad" play the game with an open mind for a good day of actual play time in the beta. Take away any bias you have from past Halo games and mistakes 343 has done. I'm not saying you'll have fun doing that but I'm sure most of the people on this forum will have a less negative opinion about the game in this state. Being a beta this could not be the final build because we still have a year or so until the actual game comes out and a negative mindset of "oh this needs to be taken out and this needs to be nerfed to death" isn't the best. Give criticism to 343 but do it in a manner that's not shitting on the game. Go along the lines of telling them "Hey, *insert complaint here* seems a bit overpowered. Could you guys look into it and try to make it balanced?" Just straight up complaining to 343 and saying "Oh you fucks ruined halo, this game sucks your company is fucking trash, you all should be fired!!!111" isn't the way to go about giving them feedback. I know most probably wont do that but it's worth a shot. Now onto the changes. The changes that 343 are putting in this game are mainly put in for the casual player who'll sit down and play for a couple hours with friends and wants to have fun. I get the majority on here aren't exactly casual though I'm sure 343 are trying to cater a little bit to them to obviously get the game to sell and build the fanbase. Disclaimer: I like all the abilities and I do think some could get tweaked but I'm 100% sure 343 put these in to draw in the casual crowd and provided the launch goes perfect will have a massive influx of people playing Halo 5. Good launch = more people buying it and providing they enjoy the game will tell their friends to buy the game and they'll tell their friends to buy it and so on and so on. Word of mouth + a good game enjoyable game = a long life for H5 I think. Sprint: In Reach and Halo 4 people constantly, constantly, constantly bitched about sprint being way stupid and not belonging in Halo but it's back in H5 and I think it's really balanced and not as OP as people seem to think. If you're sprinting your shields don't recharge at all. This is a good and bad thing. It's a good thing because it makes it so the person running away wont be guaranteed a safe escape and recharge shields while sprinting and be able to run around a corner and re-challenge you. After sprinting I would say there's about a 5-6 second delay on when the shields actually recharge and you can start sprinting as they recharge which I think they'll maybe fix and make it so they stop charging if you do sprint when they do start recharging. It's a bad thing for the person running because they're very vulnerable to just about anything to kill them whether it's a random dude running around the corner and getting a headshot or just a random nade that smacks them in the face. Spartan Charge: I don't really know much about this ability but I do know it can only be done while sprinting. Ground Pound: Simple air to ground attack that kills on contact and from my experience it only kills on contact. Thrusters: I've seen some complaints about this also but it's not a bad thing because it can help you out in a sticky situation where if you didn't have it you'd die. Especially helpful when getting shot head on by an enemy you can dash to the side and if you have a teammate behind you can attack the idiot if he decides to chase which most casual Halo players probably would do. Clamber: It's just like mantling from CoD. Yes having this in the game takes away from having good jumping skill but it could help if you need to make that one jump to get to safety but come up short you can just press the jump button and get to where you've gotta go. Smart Scope: Probably on the same level of controversy in this game as sprint making a come back this ability allows you to do a kind of ADS with every gun in the game. It being in the game will probably attract people from CoD and possibly keep them playing H5 if they like it. More players that keep playing = longer life of the game. I like Halo 5 because it feels like a breath of fresh air for the franchise and it has changes that people would like. If you don't like the game right now just try to keep playing it and maybe it'll start to grow on you. TL;DR I like Halo 5 because it's a fun game with new features.
  4. I've come to the conclusion that I since I'm liking H5 I'm wrong and I'm stupid for liking that changes that 343 are trying to do. My opinions are always invalid because this game isn't like CE/2/3 oh well. I'll play my beta in peace while others get mad
  5. I've played Halo and CoD for years and this game doesn't play like CoD at all lol. I think people on this forum are just afraid of change. But I don't know anything I guess.
  6. From seeing people on this forum that seems what they want. H5 is new and new isn't always bad. This is just the beta to so it can change from now to the games official release.
  7. Sprints really balanced in this game lol. Sprint didn't work in Reach or 4 but this game it works well imo
  8. Ok I saw a couple of people say this game isn't "traditional halo" if I remember correctly 343 just released 4 halo games on one disc and yes it barely works but if you want to play traditional Halo play any of those four games. H5 is something new and not all new things are bad.
  9. I'm liking H5, but it's definitely gonna take some getting used to. IMO Sprint is balanced, Smartscope isn't that big of a concern with autos, the bloom on the DMR and magnum is pretty cool. I think BR/DMR starts will be better. Just play it with an open mind and don't trash the game over an hour or so of gameplay. Play it for a bit and then come to a conclusion about it.
  10. I'm pleased with ODST coming to MCC. I would also personally love Reach's campaign. A boy can dream
  11. is your GT RUNNING RIOT? If so we played a H2 game on Turf together
  12. Yeah it happened to me on Rat Race TS. Seemed like the guy I was shooting at and my reticle were the same sides of a magnet going towards each other
  13. I'm happy I actually get to play it now. Never played CE or H2 online/LAN
  14. Just played a CE 2v2 and holy fuck this game is hard lmfao. It's really fun but definitely takes more skill than the other halos
  15. So I'm basically going into the beta with an open mind. I'm sure it'll be fine and if I don't like it I wont play it. That's how everyone should be tbh.
  16. I saw on Twitter there was an update released. Time to play Halo for the first time in two weeks.
  17. Does this game work yet or should I go get a refund?
  18. So from what I've seen on Twitter and hear I should just stick to playing CSGO for the time being?
  19. There's apparently a patch this week and I have absolutely no hope that it'll do anything, if it does I'll run down my street naked
  20. Gears 3 had servers until the Fenix Rises/Rising/whateverthefuckDLCitwas and after that it played like crap imo
  21. I really hope this fix is the fix but if it's not I have Alpha Sapphire to keep me occupied.
  22. Here's how I see it. If I like the beta and I cannot stop playing said beta, I'll buy the game. If I like the beta and play it for a bit, I'll buy the game. If I don't like the beta I wont play it or buy the game. Boycotting a game because it has different features you may not like is ********. Just buy the game if YOU like it and YOU have fun with it. If YOU don't, don't fucking buy it. It's as simple as that, simple as that, simple as that for your simple ass.
  23. Teacher/Student: Student Gamertag: Biscxits Games to Learn: H2A Specifics: Competitive in general, positioning and improving overall Timezone/Location: MI, EST
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