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  1. Warriors will pull it out on LAN. Yeah they were losing to CP online but that's because they were getting frustrated and irritated and it was a vicious cycle. Wait til they're sitting next to each other, they'll rise to another level.
  2. These are some of the scrims I've seen Ambush 7 - 4 Warriors (although some games were exited due to lag outs that were likely going to be Ambush wins so I'd say the real figure is 8 - 4 or 9 - 4.) Crowd Pleasers 10 - 4 Warriors Warriors 5 - 3 BelievetheHype
  3. It's no easier to 4 someone in h4 than it is in any other halo. Honestly you've just got used to the 5shot and forgot what halo is actually like
  4. What's the story with Ryan's rocket? I missed the last AGL
  5. 343 will win back trust if when Halo 5 ships it includes the following: 4sk br No sprint (or the option to turn off/turn DOWN sprint speed for competitive) No flinch Descoping VISIBLE 1-50 true skill (and social/ranked playlists like in h3) Timed weapon spawns A wide selection of GOOD medium sized maps and not a bunch of BtB maps No ordnance/the option to turn it off If Halo 5 ships with all that then I will put my faith back in them. The problem is that, I think that there are a lot of good people over at 343, but the higher up managerial types simply don't understand gaming. They think "CoD has a massive audience, let's just copy that". It betrays their basic understanding of the game and the reason people continue to play the game. The reason h3 for example was absolutely huge online with a massive population was because there were some awesome maps, the VISIBLE 1-50 system was addictive as hell, and for those who didn't want to play ranked there were extensive social playlists. I always hear people say "1-50 was removed because it encouraged boosting and account selling". SO WHAT. We all encountered boosters. Yes, it was annoying, but I will take that any day over not having a visible ranking system at all. 343 have a final chance with halo 5 but they honestly need to be smart and not listen to these higher up business exec types that just want to copy CoD and import that game style. Halo is halo. Keep it like halo. Don't make a bunch of drastic changes to attempt to steal players away from CoD. They need to focus on getting back all the OLD halo players who quit the game because it was utter trash.
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