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  1. I believe that the new Call of Duty will help the series a lot. I think the series was defiantly seeing a decline due to how fast paced and how the series was driven away from it's roots.
  2. Very excited to watch the finals!
  3. I think nV coming in would be great. Hopefully str0 does come into the scene.
  4. Hey all, for those who don't know I'm the old COO of Denial during the time we had both Halo teams, and am currently the COO of eLevate. I'm just as ready as anyone to just take a deep breath and move on, but since my name was brought up a bit by Justin I decided I'd put some input in. This is going to be short and to the point. From my perspective the players did most, if not every thing that was asked and what they were able to do with sponsor products, they tried products that were given to them, and represented the organization as I wanted them to. Neither the sponsors in question nor the players were under any understanding that they would be forced to use products they didn't personally like using, especially on the add-on end (KF, etc.). On the salary end, I know sponsors were late in payments (it happens a lot, TBH) which caused us to be late. I'm not making excuses but it is a reality I think a lot of orgs deal with. This created an understandable amount of tension that is undoubtedly exacerbated by the disagreements over meeting contract requirements. This is no way attacking Robby, but I also don't agree with his assertion that this is the players' fault. I can't come out and say one side is 100% correct but I can provide my perspective since I was in the mix during most of this. From my own experience, I think the players are being represented as not fulfilling their end of the agreement, when I actually think they did most, if not all, of what was expected and explained to them.
  5. Glad everything has worked out for Ninja, I just don't see a need keeping a player that isn't playing for you. That's my opinion though.
  6. You guys are pretty good investigators when it comes to finding out intel. I have to admit that haha.
  7. Agreed 100% Reason why we brought on YouTube talent to help coach some of the players on bettering their YouTube channels. Every org should be pushing their players to create THEIR brand. If a player builds a brand it not only helps them but, the org and if said player ever leaves they're not going to lose what they did while on that org.
  8. I agree with most. But I think having team points instead of individual is a better way to do it. It eliminates sketching to a point. As well as allows for new comers and overall followers of the community, to keep track of their favorite players. As well as helps build consistent branding and more story lines IMO.
  9. We don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon!
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