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  1. Preparing to give @@VinFTW 2 BE premium memberships or whatever price he asks :halo:
  2. All my friends and family are there besides the winter weather Im ready to be back home. I plan to make trips back out to CA whenever I feel like hanging out.
  3. Large, Ive got GH057 trying to get me one as well but hes gonna be busy for awhile and I'm fine with having to pay for 2 if necessary. I also may drive down Sunday after I land in Ky providing I can get in the venue.
  4. My cries were not heard :/ haha kidding man, thats awesome you helped some people out got yourself a sick hoodie.
  5. I won't be there but I would give my unborn child or paypal you (whichever you prefer) if you could swoop a size L FB hoodie.
  6. https://twitter.com/CarlosAyalaJr/status/696173114414084096 confirmed Cratos cant read or follow sentence structure. edit: he deleted the tweet so nothing to link FeelsBadMan
  7. Where can we watch ? ESPN or Twitch ? ESPN only says its showing Halo for 30 mins ?
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