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  1. I'm not totally sure I believe their ranking system. I placed in Pro 16XX after playing my placement matches. I mean, I'm decent at the game, but I don't imagine that I'm top 200 material unless the player pool is that small. Is there a better write up about the ranking system anywhere?
  2. My Team H2:A rank was a 15 on Friday. I was able to play a few games that night when XBL was having a ton of issues. When I signed back on yesterday, my rank was reset to 1. Was this a overall rank reset or was it only some people?
  3. I'm not sure what happened with the first package. It honestly could have gotten lost in transit, but neither of us had any record of it. I'm not really trying to accuse him of anything at this point.
  4. For those wondering: After getting back in contact with Diesel again on Twitter, he was super quick and courteous to send out the headset. I received it on Wednesday. Thanks Diesel and thanks Reign 812! And thanks to pretty much everyone in this thread!
  5. He's been super nice on Twitter (when he responds). But no, I never received the headset.
  6. @Teapot: Thanks, dude. I tweeted this at them, but they'll probably miss it, to be honest. Oh no, I won a Razer headset haha. Though that makes it even worse that T2 sent it out that quickly D: I would not care at all if it was a pack of gum.
  7. Update: After getting back in contact with Diesel again on Twitter, he was super quick and courteous to send out the headset. I received it on Wednesday. Thanks Diesel and thanks Reign 812! Hey everyone, long time to see. Last time I posted here, I made a thread about Diesel not honoring a giveaway that Ambush did for 2000 subscribers on their Youtube channel. The thread was locked without reason even though I had asked aPK for permission to make the post. Screenshot of that convo here: http://i.imgur.com/gLWIFuf.png The thread can be found here: http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/3312-diesel-and-team-ambush-not-honoring-their-giveaway/ I didn't make this thread in hopes of ever getting my prize, I just wanted to show the community what I've had to deal with. Long story short, Diesel kept stringing me along for over six months. He complained about how he was the one that would have to pay for shipping, but maybe he didn't realize that flat rate boxes at post office go for < $20. At some point, I was just asking for the sake of asking no longer expecting the prize. Below is a screenshot of the last time I got in contact with Diesel. The rest of the conversation can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/OSlql Anyway, just wanted to put this out there as a PSA. When RTX comes around, be wary of who you are supporting.
  8. Start small then. Don't try to jump straight into hosting a huge 4v4 tournament (yes, 64 teams is huge). You're not going to be able to draw that many teams in regardless of it being Halo 3 or Halo 4, especially without being a well known and trusted organization. Start with local FFA tournaments with 32-64 people showing up. Make people bring friends that haven't played too much Halo. Once you've run enough of those and people are familiar enough, you can bump it up to 2v2 tournaments where 16-20 teams might show up (hopefully forming teams with people they meet at the FFA's). Stream each and every one of these tournaments with the best production quality you can bring. It will cost a decent amount of money to organize and run; be prepared for that. You'll have to do multiple FFA's and multiple 2v2's to build up a reputation before you can even think about hosting legitimate 4v4's.
  9. A few things: Understand the spawns on the FFA variants of each map. On Onyx, you can spawn kill people who spawn the bubbles from on top of the bases. You can chase kills. Just be aware of your position and your radar to make sure you're not throwing yourself in a bad position Practice, practice, practice your grenades! Find new grenades. Walk around the map and see if you can place them in common control points from anywhere on the map. Crouch liberally, but don't do it in a way that will get you caught with your pants down - good FFA players will make heavy use of their radar and getting the jump on people is crucial. Learn lots of nifty jumps on maps. For example, you can spring jump from bottom green/bottom gold to the arms on the side of each base on Onyx to quickly get out of a bad spawn. Keep your shields up when you can - be in the mindset that someone is always waiting to clean you up. While you're fighting one person, try to be aware of any people on the radar that are creeping up on your battle. Think about how you're gonna deal with him when he comes up to you and you're half shields or 1 shot. Hint: Find a place to stall for time so your shields come up and prepare to grenade. Scope liberally, but remember that you need to keep checking your radar - The BR is super accurate over most ranges on FFA maps and you can usually 4-5 shot people across map if you become consistent enough Use the hologram armor ability! Like I said earlier, FFA players rely on the radar. Use it to make people think that you're running away or coming to challenge them. Use it to stall for time for your shields to come up or for them to look away for one second so you can have the jump on them (yes, even when you're low on shields)
  10. *Disclaimer to mods: I seeked permission from aPK to post this I've been waiting patiently while this whole thing went on, but I think it's about time I bring this to the community's attention. In May, I was announced as the winner for Ambush's 2000th YouTube subscriber giveaway. The prize was a brand new Razer headset (model unknown). Diesel got in contact with me and we sorted out the details to get everything packed and shipped. He said that he would message me when they would get shipped out. A month goes by and I don't hear a thing back, but it was understandable because that was around the time of all the AGL/UMG Halo tournaments so I figured he was busy. Diesel then said that he would ship them out soon so I waited another month before checking up on the status. This time, he sets a date for them to be shipped out, August 15. Again, I waited a month before pestering him again, and he has still not shipped them out. In fact, by the looks of the last message of our conversation, it doesn't seem like he will ever ship them out. Obviously I can't force him to send anything out, but I wanted to let the community know the dishonesty I've had to deal with, and more importantly, show their sponsor (8-12 Hz Gum) who they are representing. I've been nothing but patient and polite in this situation, but have somehow gotten the short end of the straw. I've been strung along for 4 months without receiving my prize, and it makes me wonder if they did the same to other winners. The whole DM conversation can be found here: http://imgur.com/a/43qWq. I've embedded the last bit of conversation we had below.
  11. Come out to the one at the end of the month (Sept. 28)! There's a 2v2 tournament going on, but if you're not into that, there will also be FFA and LAN play. $15 for the 2v2 (includes FFA and free play) or $5 for FFA and free play. I think we already have 20+ people confirmed coming. The Facebook page for the event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/159024237637071/
  12. The same reason people have stuck to Star Wars. Being captured by such an awesome universe, the decent community that surrounds it and all the friends I've made from it, and the fact that it's Halo. Throughout this summer specifically, a local organization, D.C Halo, really helped bring the Maryland/DC/Virginia area together and made the game enjoyable. Hopping on and seeing so many familiar faces online is a great feeling.
  13. Hey everyone, DC Halo, a local not-for-profit organization, is hosting its grand finals for the DC Halo Summer Throwdown this Friday at the Microsoft Store in Tyson's Corner. There is no entry fee, free food and drinks are included, and this specific event has $1200 in prizes to award to the top 8 finishers! So far, there are around 30 players attending and are looking for and additional 10 or so. Rules are very similar to V4 FFA settings with the addition of loadouts for the Carbine, Light Rifle, DMR, and Assault Rifle. For this event only, because it's the grand finals, the brackets will work a little bit differently. The top 8 players on based on points will be waiting in the second round with a BYE in the first. The other 32 players will duke it out across 4 heats where the top 2 from each heat advance to the second round. The top 4 from both second round heats will advance into the finals and earn one of the following prizes! Prizes: 1st Place: Microsoft Surface RT Tablet 2nd Place: GAEMS Vanguard PGE 3rd Place: Astro A50 Wireless Headset & Mixamp 4th Place: Xbox 360 4GB & Kinect 5th Place: 12 Month Xbox Live Subscription 6th Place: 4000 Microsoft Points 7th Place: 3 Month Xbox Live Gold Subscription 8th Place: 1600 Microsoft Points If you aren't familiar with the organization, they have held an FFA tournament every two weeks throughout the summer. More information can be found at the links below. But PLEASE, do set yourself as going to the event on Facebook if you do not plan on it. You will be banned from future events. Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/DCHaloLANs Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DCHaloLANs Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/708735842486835/?ref=22 If you have any questions, feel free to post on here or message me on Xbox Live at Trongavitus. Thanks!
  14. "I am so dead... no, I'm still alive! HAHAHAHAHA"
  15. I guess it's not always the case for everyone, but that's certainly true for me. If I'm playing Throwdown with 4 people, I stop trying as much once we start rolling over people (if that happens). Once I've crossed that point, I start messing around in the game and make stupid plays to see if they work. There's usually no going back to trying after that point. In addition to that, my hands get fatigued after about 2-3 hours of playing FFA's so that worsens my game too.
  16. White logo shirt is king. Would love to see a blue variant of it (without the smaller logo). Still a purchase either way!
  17. Sound-wise, I honestly think this game is awful. The volume levels between the environment, guns, footsteps, and explosions are set up very poorly. The gun that you are holding overpowers everything else in the game. You can't really hear the announcer over gunfire and explosions/guns at a distance just sound like a quieter version of the gun in first person. Typically, things sound much different at range (a little bit higher) compared to close up, especially punchier sounds. Footsteps when sprinting can barely be heard, but footsteps when walking are louder than ever. In game, I am more likely to hear a teammate that spawning behind me and walking up to me than I am to hear a guy sprinting up behind me. Many of the weapon sounds focus around being really punchy so there's only low range and high range sounds. Take the BR for example, there's the deep boom that's mixed with the high chirping sounds. The DMR is heavy on the low range sounds, while the sniper is heavy on the high range. Most of the Promethean weapon sounds are fairly well balanced though. In the campaign, much of the music was muted. It's especially apparent on the levels where they play Ascendancy and 117. For example, the last mission when you're flying through the level, 117 plays so quietly for such an adventurous level and song combination. When they play Revival, which is by far the largest sounding track, it is hidden behind some dialogue, I believe. Visually, I don't take as much issue with it. However, I would like to see some more colorful maps again. Many of the maps on Halo 4 have a muddy tone to them which wasn't as common in previous titles. There are areas on Haven however that are a little too bright. When looking from top middle to open ramp, it's almost blinding.
  18. As far as we've seen, there's only really one major change which is the lift and drop from sword room. It actually looks like it could really help with the flow on that side of the map. The rest of the changes were in the MLG versions of the map in Halo 3. In Halo: Anniversary, they added some additional routes to Beaver Creek and Headlong and those maps played awesome.
  19. The shield drop switch on Vertigo doesn't sound completely awful when Certain Affinity was explaining it. Since it can be triggered to act on one of the bases on the map, they described it as a way to break "campy" setups. So if the enemies are sitting on top of a base with something like Incineration Cannon or Binary Rifle, then you can trip the switch to help take out these players. Not a perfect argument, but very reasonable. I could see it being a big deal in casual play. Pitfall Extraction anyone?
  20. Hey guys! Just reporting in from the DC Halo event. About 30 people showed up, we played mostly v4 settings the whole night, and had a pretty hefty prize pool considering there is no entry fee. there were 4 main prizes up including an the new 360 E with Kinect, a set of Astro A50's, a Razer Sabertooth controller, and 2 other headsets (Turtle Beaches, maybe?). Also, the top 10 players received 1600 MSP, but I don't expect that to be a regular thing. Very cool of the store to do that though. The map was Onyx FFA with title updated weapons. You could choose between the 4 primary rifles as starting weapons and maybe the AR was a choice. I can't remember since everyone used the BR anyway. Standard ordinances with Thruster/Hardlight/Hologram were used. Next one is in 2 weeks on July 19th, I believe. The prize pool is subject to change at each event and they don't pre-announce them, but they usually come through. EDIT: Forgot to mention that they actually streamed this one! VOD can be found here: http://www.twitch.tv/dchalo/b/426306409
  21. Such kind words. I'm charmed. I'm kinda shocked that the pros at AGL aren't using this strategy given its effectiveness :ninja:
  22. Hey guys, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I tried looking for the rules for the forum but couldn't find them. Anyway, I just did my first commentary in Halo 4 and am excited to share it with you guys. Hopefully, this will be the start of even more content! It's a gameplay from when I got a 50 in Infinity Slayer and I try to share some insight and advice that might help others get their 50's too. The video is posted below and it's also available on r/Halo here: http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/1hdkjn/halo_4_tips_getting_a_50_in_infinity_slayer_first/ Would love to get some feedback if possible. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epyO5rtKe54
  23. It is exactly the Halo Reach menu with awkwardly large fonts... Even the Reach fonts are still there. The song is from Inception and there is one moving background. Not really all that great in my opinion. EDIT: This was uploaded in 2011
  24. Adrift - I don't hate the map, but it is pretty boring to play Dispatch - So simple, so plain, no variety in strategies Simplex Slayer - We already have Onyx Slayer which plays somewhat similarly. Keeping Simplex Flag would be fine though. Could probably use this slot for another asym Slayer.
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