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    Hello everyone, I go by GTR in the competitive scene in Halo. I'm sure I've played against a few people in this forums on H3, H4 and MCC. Reason I go by that name is because I am infatuated by Nissan GT-R's. I do get asked a lot if I own one and I don't own one. I joke around saying I do and it's a hot wheels car. I'm looking to help halo grow as a whole and i'm willing to do whatever it takes. I hope I am welcomed with open arms to this community. I'm currently on a team (that's not set in stone yet) and I'm looking for other teams to scrim with in H2A. If you want to get ahold of me, my twitter is @HaloGTR and my Gamertag is White GTR R35. Thank you for reading this and I hope to have fun you guys.
  2. Gamertag: White GTR R35 Customs/MM: Custom Region:US Anyone wanting to play like zombies, cat & mouse, tremors, troy, 16 player variant CTF with 4 teams on Foundation/Warlock? Add me
  3. Hi, I'm fairly new to this forum thread and I was hoping if you guys would give me a follow on twitter @HaloGTR I'm trying to find people to run customs with competitively and for fun like zombies and stuff in Halo 2 Classic. I am also trying to start my own stream. I'll tweet when my stream is live. I've been playing competitive Halo since H3. My goal is to be the best Halo player to come out of Las Vegas and make a name for myself. I put in the work and i'm just trying to get better. If you can add me and we can run Matchmaking or random 8's i'm down! Shoot me a message. Thank you!
  4. I'm on a team and it's not set in stone yet, but i'm looking for players to run against or run with. I'm currently doing PGL 2v2's and 4v4's. If you can add me or send me a message to run games I would appreciate it. My GT - White GTR R35 Twitter - @HaloGTR
  5. Gamertag: White GTR R35 Customs/MM: Both Region: US Feel free to add me and send me a message. I'm trying to run against many people in 4v4 lobbies as possible.
  6. Gamertag: White GTR R35 Customs/MM: Customs Region: West Coast (Las Vegas)

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