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  1. Wish these tournaments was in a 12v12 format like warzone Would actually make it worth watching haha
  2. It's gonna be so funny when the multiplayer is utter shit and we'll be back to monthly updates and Halo 6 hype all over again for the sheep.
  3. Still on my first Xbox One controller and zero problems. The bumpers took some adapting but once you get use to them you're golden. So 2 Xbox elite controllers at nearly the price of an Xbox One...... No thanks haha.
  4. Can't wait to play Halo 3!
  5. GT: TruJakka Any Campaign. US On right now and in the future if i'm on just invite me.
  6. Any actual numbers on the population size for MCC? Or is 343 to chickenshit to release those numbers?
  7. Anyone who thinks Team Liquid will place top 4 or even top 6 is sadly mistaken. Bunch of scrandys.
  8. This will be last season of good Halo. So lets enjoy it!
  9. Just played my first game in over a month and it was 3v4. Guess i'm done.
  10. I wish each game just had its original multiplayer.
  11. Thanks Bravo for an update on the update for the update that was promised this month!
  12. This game is a joke, this league is a joke, life is a joke, fuck 343.
  13. 1.Royal 2 (He's a monster) 2.Ryanoob (One of the craziest/sneakiest players I've seen in the game) 3.Lxthul (He reminds me of Gandalf, there journey is just beginning) 4.Snip3down (His snipe is on point) What do you guys think?
  14. Can anyone play or is it some top 8 only bs?
  15. Do you know where and when it will be at?
  16. I agree we don't need 343 we have Halo 1-3. Lets just focus on that.
  17. I think it's time we break off from this 343's "halo" and just focused on halo 1-3. We have the community, we don't need 343.
  18. Goodbye competitive Halo. Let's all just enjoy H2A for the time that we have it.

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