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  1. This might be random....but... where are old pros, like Demon D, Gilkey, Totz, Victory X, etc. Do you think we will see a return of these types of players in MCC?
  2. Players from alberta still around? Lets set up lans boyssssssssss
  3. It is simple, the only team that will be able to dethrone ambush is status quo. They dethroned instinct in reach. The team would have to be Roy, Ace, Flamesword and enable. Also another team could be Elamite Warrior, Cloud, Roy and a 4th.
  4. Best all time 1. Ogre 2 2. Pistola 3. Walshy 4.Ghandi 5. Roy 6. Strongside 7.T2 8.Snipedown 9. Ogre 1 10. Soviet Kappa
  5. Ghost, bring us back the halo we used to love....PLEASE!
  6. Calgary, where my west boys at??
  7. Looking for players in the BC/Alberta/Sask area to lan or possibly go to west coast events.
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