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  1. Team Arena - Platinum 4 SWAT- Onyx 1500 Been solo the entire time in matchmaking, just got an X1 and haven't played my 360 in years so basically have no friends to play with. If anyone would like to play I'd greatly appreciate it! GT: Paysonali
  2. Finished the campaign today and I'm extremely mixed on my feelings towards this game's campaign. I absolutely love the direction they are going with Cortana into Halo 6 (which had been evident since Halo:CE when she was first placed into Installation 04s system, then her weeks spent with Gravemind between Halo 2-3 obviously changed and tortured her. Yet, Locke and Fireteam Osiris just felt awful to have. I wouldn't have minded the split campaign, I loved it in Halo 2 and you really got to see the Arbiter change throughout its run, yet in Halo 5, Locke and FTO are just too one dimensional. The campaign only took me about 7 hours on Heroic, and that was with me checking out the scenery and shit in between the intel missions. That's not enough time to flesh out eight characters split in 15 missions. I only cared for Blue Team and that was because of my reading of the novels outside of the games. Obviously the marketing for this campaign was a complete scam, one fist fight between the Chief and Locke and that's all we get. Just a wild goose chase. I think that somewhere in the development as well, the campaign must have changed drastically. The three missions where you are searching for intel likely were with either the Chief alone, or Blue Team, but 343i just could not write that in properly. Even giving them three fleshed out intel missions would've saturated the mix of FTO and Blue Team a bit better. Honestly though, I would have been happy completely abandoning FTO and giving all the spotlight to Blue Team. Having them defend Meridian and Sanghelios during the civil war would have been epic. I know a lot of people are comparing the campaign to Halo 2 with the abrupt ending, but honestly, when I played Halo 2 eleven years ago, I at least felt that the campaign had proper direction. I felt for the Arbiter and his journey to split from The Covenant. The prophets were a real threat and seeing them fall one by one by the end of Halo 3 was a treat. Yes, the cliffhanger sucked and finishing the game with Chief would have be nice, but I believe Halo 2 had a more complete campaign than whatever the hell we were handed here with Halo 5. I absolutely believe the campaign is better than Halo 4, but 343i really needs to help bring audiences who do not know much of the EU in better from now on. Going into Halo 6, I pray we just have Chief and Blue Team. Locke and FTO will likely get their missions in as well, but I would not feel much if any of them are killed off in Halo 6. Reading through the novels, I definitely felt more connected to Kelly, Fred, and Linda and was extremely excited to have them involved in the campaign, and any of their future deaths would be taken more to heart personally. TLDR: FTO while an interesting take, fell flat, like the plot. I enjoy the direction the game is going in Halo 6, but the way that it Brian Reed and the writers went about it just did not work as intended. More Blue Team please. Pros: Blue Team and their three missions were sick, if we could have had another two to three with them spread out over the campaign, I would have felt satisfied with the amount of Locke and FTO. Soundtrack was a massive stepup from Halo 4. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but I really was digging the music in this campaign. Cliffhanger while abrupt, does give a great direction which has been seen coming since Halo 3 and 4 with Cortana's rampancy (Hell it was even noted in First Strike how much of her lifespan was used up as a result of her journey on the first Halo). Roland, I'm excited to see his role in Halo 6 as one of the few AIs that did not defect to Cortana. Governor Sloan's role was a nice touch and foreshadowing of what Cortana had planned with the AIs. Sanghelios, yes. Exuberant Witness was fantastic. Both Bungie and 343i really know how to nail the personalities of the monitors down well. Hoping she gets to continue the journey in Halo 6. Cons: Why the fuck do you kill Jul'Mdama on the first mission? He easily could have made it to about halfway through the campaign, possibly a solid duel between him and The Arbiter to make a good subplot with the Elites and their civil war. The Warden Eternal, enough said. 343i needs to flesh out the introductions for casual gamers who only play the campaigns and are unaware of the EU. I was excited for Blue Team, but it did feel awkward that they were just 'there' with no explanation of where the other Spartan IIs came from. Locke was pointless. Yes it would have been cool to see his hunt for Chief and Blue Team, but Blue Team could have done everything he and FTO did throughout the campaign. I think 343i just wants their own helm at the series now and are trying to push Chief on the backburner. I hope not. Chief vs Locke fist fight. No way in hell some ONI agent is ever going to get close to beating THE Spartan II in hand to hand combat. Jesus that was brutal to watch. Dialogue was cringe worthy at points.
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