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  1. There are various DBL Shot help vids on youtube, I like this one because it has graphs.
  2. I want 343 to say right now, "We finally listened and after we get some more data on MCC's most played games and some impressions on the Beta we will throw the disgusting looking H4 engine in the trash and make a new one and design a Halo multiplayer that caters to fans of actual Halo." Unless they say that, I doubt any real changes will happen after the Beta, 343 is just saying they will make changes, but in the end they will lie to us AGAIN.
  3. I bet you used to think the world was flat too. You can like a concept, but sprint has been proven over and over to do nothing, but damage Halo. Science BEEP - That Controller Scheme vid makes me want to play the Beta even less because of how messed up my muscle memory will get with such drastic changes. Also HILARIOUS that Default caters more towards CoD players, don't even hide the fact you(343) care more about pleasing CoD players than your own userbase. - For the Sprint "Drawback" of No Sprint to Recharge. Does sprinting stop shields from recharging OR does it stop the timer from ticking down and shield recharge? By timer I mean lets say you take a shot and it takes 5 seconds to wait until shields start recharging, If I'm sprinting do those 5 seconds tick down while sprint and as soon as I stop sprinting I don't need to wait that time it will just start recharging.
  4. You can very easily see blue room hiding spots and the height difference in this comparison is a lot. A better comparison are the spots behind blue room back ramp which are banned. Also the obvious reason of it's too good for Oddball.
  5. These two below will likely be banned from competitive play - Lockout H2A Library Hide spot - Sanctuary H2A Car walls & the Out of Map hide spot Besides that I hope the ledge jump from shotty to snipe Ledge on Sanc makes a sound to warn those nearby, now some height advantage areas seem a little less so.
  6. First time playing Halo: CE was soon after it came out at a buddies house who had an older brother. Game looked amazing, but my friend was controller hogging since his brother was at work and would "beat him if he found out he was using his Xbox". When I got my turn to play it was while I was in a Warthog on Blood Gulch and that thing was SO freaking difficult to drive and it was the first time using the DUKE so I was totally confused at how difficult it felt. 30 seconds after I got my turn his Bro picked him up by the shirt and told us to get out. I didn't get an Xbox of my own until 2003/early 04 and I played the campaign 5 times through, local multiplayer scene was nonexistant by me sadly.
  7. In my eyes, Halo with Sprint isn't Halo. Reach and H4 are CoD hybrids. Reach was a Halo Spinoff and Bungies last stab at the series before they left and they pushed every idea they've ever had into it and pretty much made it a testing ground for Destiny. Bungie was bored of Halo and MS pushed them to do it anyway. H4 is 343's first Halo game and instead of following in the footsteps of true Halo they just copy paste Bungie's engine and Reach mechanics. They're not Halo games, they don't follow the secret recipe, and much of the original Halo teams left before Reach.
  8. This, there aren't many who want my preferred settings. H2: L Trigger = Beatdown R Trigger = Shoot R Bumper = Reload Action L Bumper = Jump Y = Swap Weapons X = Grenade A = Swap Grenades
  9. What exactly do you mean about a Pro Pad? Like mapable buttons and extra clickers/buttons on the back to lessen the right stick to face buttons movement? Are those scuf controllers banned in live tournament play? Regression for all to A for jump would be glorious, all those bumper tears would be delicious. We should just have custom controller settings by now.
  10. lol, Main reason I play Boxer is I find throwing a grenade with trigger/bumper to be uncomfortable, so I like it on the buttons. The big issue is still not having full custom options in place. I really have no idea what my perfect Universal Setting would even be, because it's a new controller(Don't have X1 yet) and I don't know if I'd find my action/Reload button to be most comfortable as a bumper or it's usual X.
  11. QUoted myself on accident and don't know how to delete, wanted to edit. - EDIT: For example on the weapons spawn sounds. If you were in Halo 3 on the Pit and the Overshield spawned under Sword Bridge, you could hear that spawning no matter where you were on the map, but it would be quieter sounding if you were in the Mauler.
  12. If timers make it into the game at all, I'd rather have louder sounds that they spawned in. You hear Rockets make a thunk and the Camo/OS make a alien like powerup sound. I don't really support coaches in Halo and feel the announcer in H5 w/ the Callouts and weapon spawn precallouts to be overly spoonfeeding players. - It needs to be an in between to help out the casual players and not baby the competitive players.
  13. He's reached Semi-Pro I think, he was always a pretty based dude. Just another player wanting to prove himself, but he does call the waahhbulance too often.
  14. Gotcha Thanks for the update Even with weapons on static spawns, I disagree with weapon announcements. Like I stated in a different thread it kills the responsibility on having a good mental game and allowing for mistakes like forgetting to be a part of the game.
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