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  1. Hit me up whenever you're ready to run games. GT: Jeliyfish
  2. I will definitely sell myself as much as needed. I would be a great addition to your #FUELFAM. Willing to do whatever it takes to reach greatness. Hit me up to talk over things and run some games. GT: Jeliyfish
  3. Hi everyone I am posting on here to help find the long search for a team that would like to have me on their team. I have made several posts on here trying out for teams, but there seems to be a lack of action occurring. If you're a serious F/A or team looking for another player to add to your crew then hit me up to run games. I am on quite a lot as I am very dedicated to this game and have been playing competitively for quite some time now. I have great communications skills and the mindset to drive myself and my team to victory. If you would like to run games hit me up on XBL. GT: Jeliyfish or post on here. You can also direct message me on here if that works easier. I have been playing since the Halo 2 days and don't plan on stopping. GT: Jeliyfish
  4. Team Name: Mantis Shrimp Winner: Mantis Shrimp Round Number: 1 Score: No Show
  5. Age: 21 Location: Milwaukee, WI (For now) Finishing College in couple months Traveling: I plan on traveling as long as I have a squad. Dedication: Plan on devoting a lot of time to this game. Several hours a day. Skills: Have all the 50s in H3 playlist and played a lot of H2 in the day. I have great communication skills and have been playing with competitive players for a while. I also have the skills required to help you guys reach success and dedication needed. I would really love to be a part of your team and new Halo organization. Also coming from the computer and business degree I am receiving I may be helpful in your new org startup Hit me up if you are interested in talking more and playing. GT: Jeliyfish Twitter: @AustinDCurry Direct message on here works as well.
  6. I need a teammate for the doubles tournament this Saturday. If you are interested in running some games you can hit me up through PM or add me on XBL. GT: Jeliyfish
  7. I'm also looking for a doubles partner for this weekend. Hit me up if you're interested. GT: Jeliyfish
  8. Hit me up whenever you guys are on. GT: Jeliyfish
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