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  1. So I played for about 5 hours last night. Things are much improved considering I managed to play for that long without raging from the search times. Finding games works about as fast as it should 90% of the time. The other 10% nothing ever happens and you have to re search. When playing with 1 friend we have zero problems really. Anything more than that and occassionaly we would get split on different teams or 1 person would get put in a lobby by himself. The one major problem I had all night was after a game ended if there was 7 players in the game it would try to create a team. Because they are uneven but you only need 6 to start a game it would get stuck on creating teams forever and we had to back out. Starting a new lobby is much easier now that the roster menu works much better and friends had an easier time joining my game
  2. And for the love of god an open beta. Not invite and not tied to owning some other game. If you want to truly test the servers you need to let as many people in as possible
  3. Decided to make an account so I could post about this. Weapon timers are controversial in a lot of game. In league of legends it is important to time multiple objectives. A program called Curse Voice was made. It times spawn timers for you. It wasn't an officially supported program so some people had it and some did it. Riot discussed giving everyone the access to spawn timers automatically by pressing tab and the the main objectives would be listed along with how long until they spawned. There was a lot of disagreement on this but eventually they put it in. I honestly think it was a great change. People communicate and work together on spawn timers much more than before at lower levels(I am in gold for anyone wondering). Obviously at the professional level people did it anyways and still do. Now they don't have to type the time in chat. It still requires strategy and execution to take advantage of the timers. I honestly think Halo should make this change as well. I didn't realize the thing were it said someone picked it up. I dont like that either. The way the handled it in league is unless you had vision of the objective when it was taken you dont get a timer. It is just blank. I am not sure if they want to handle it the same way where unless you saw the item picked up or picked it up yourself you don't get a timer but that is one option that would keep the importance of weapon spawns very high
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