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  1. for me, this is an argument against sprint, and i feel like it's a stronger one than any other i've seen presented on this forum the reason i don't like sprint in any shooter, pc or console, is that i don't feel like i have full control of my character when sprinting. i feel like i pressed a button and my character's speed increased from x to y. that's not control. it doesn't feel natural or intuitive at all, nor does it take any skill, unlike bunnyhopping or other movement mechanics i don't play halo and i think it's way too slow, but even if that was something the halo community wanted to change, sprint, at least in this form, isn't the way to do. it just sucks
  2. wait, so you want to maintain the immersion in a game where you play as a genetically engineered cyborg super soldier fighting a conglomerate of alien races and to facilitate this you want have to walk everywhere
  3. i don't believe you. though perhaps your definition of "legit" in this case is different from mine
  4. i don't know, but your question leads me to question why you play games on a console in the first place. but putting that aside, there's no reason why console games shouldn't have legitimate map editors
  5. maybe i'm wrong, but from reading this, i feel a bit like you're fighting the wrong battle most of your points seem to hinge around the idea that the quality and general style of the maps in halo has decreased significantly as a result of the inclusion of the sprint mechanic. assuming that's true, i don't understand why you think sprint is the primary problem rather than the change in map design itself. if the game included maps that fit your philosophy of how the game should be played, would sprint really be that big of a deal? even if the answer to that question is "yes", whatever, my point is that i think you guys should be pushing the dev for a basic feature that has been around in fps games since the 90s. i know halo has that foundry thing that lets you make ugly maps that run at 5 fps, but you guys really need a legitimate map editor, whether in-game or not. i shouldn't need to argue why this is important, so i won't oh, and can't you just turn sprint off? sv_sprint 0? if you can't, that's incredibly silly
  6. i think you mean quake world really as much as i love quake i'd rather it die than cling to its dead corpse. it's the only way people will actually be open to moving on as for halo, it should've died about 10 years ago and everyone should've joined the master race. it's not too late
  7. what is "descope" and when did it go away? i didn't play reach or halo 4 so maybe that's why i'm confused
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