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  1. - Dustin Been to many lan tourneys. - Looking for agl events and umg. - Og SneakyTaco @iwosneakytaco Very dedicated and looking to practice and watch film to help improve myself and the team. Can practice at anytime. Wanting to go to events.
  2. Ya i know North Dakota we do have internet. Dedicated player looking to form or join a team. Wanting the team to grow and go to events. Must be willing to practice and watch film. A team that knows there will be hard times and are willing to work through them and not just quit on each other. GT- Og SneakTaco
  3. Hey guys i been playing ahlo since pc. really thought H2 was the bext halo even tho i believe H3 had the best maps. Looking to team with a dedicated team for agl events and pgl. I can usually be on whenever unless my work comes up. Very good communicator. If you're interested in giving me a shot or wanting to form a team with me hit me up. GT- Og SneakyTaco
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