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  1. one idea (and this is crazy) to avoid this problem is to not quit games very frequently
  2. hurf durf i don't understand risk/reward
  3. yeah that's why i tapped out you're not a "real fan" unless the venn diagram of what you like about halo lines up to a sufficient degree
  4. actually nevermind don't respond to that i don't have the energy tap out
  5. so wait if someone enjoys halo 5 in its current form or feels generally positive about the game they're "misled"?
  6. well, no, obviously it needs some more modes and playlists changes, probably some weapon rebalancing, but what you're REALLY upset about is that it's not being instantly transformed into what you think is the platonic ideal of the One True Halo, which resembles a combination of something you actually played when you were younger and something you think you played which is fine! I get wanting that. That's cool! But lots of people enjoy the game and don't think it needs a drastic revision like that, and they're not stupid or brainwashed or whatever.
  7. so like everyone here realizes there are at least a few people who like balanced, arena-style halo that don't want an exact replica of halo: ce's multiplayer, right? like there are some people who don't think that's like the Ultimate Virtue
  8. so are assault/grifball actually in matchmaking or will 90% of the population never play it
  9. Purely anecdotally, i'm seeing people (me! my friends!) pay attention to competitive halo (and try to be ~better~ players in arena) way more with h5 than any previous halo and we've been playing as a group since the launch of 3
  10. nah this is dope ur dope keep it coming
  11. ps that discord link is no longer working for me, i probably messed something up though
  12. legit i had no idea how to thrust cancel, so i'm gonna try practicing that before I finally get to sit down and play this afternoon this is great
  13. this lol "well this shooter was successful in the pre-2000 era, so anything else is fluff"
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