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  1. I don't understand the logic? They've just made the money, making a roster change doesn't mean they would lose it, just mean they're more likely to make MORE at the next event? Whether they are in it for money or not surely it's in their best interests to try and have the best possible team.
  2. Major downside of the qualifying procedure is once you have, nothing to play for until the league. After the 4 team PAX invitational the 8 team lan wont have the two best teams there, pretty sad. Also sucks for CLG as they dont have much to play for or scrim for, for 2 months.
  3. https://twitter.com/Dexerto/status/639902798826614785 Seems Denials clothing problem doesn't just exist in Halo... [thanks batchford:p]
  4. What I think would be a good downtime filler would be something like 'HCS Uncut' (who doesnt love some raw uncut halo) or 'Under the Radar', call it whatever you want or even no gimmicky name. But after every game, in theater record highlights from player POV's that didnt make it on stream. Snipedown got an overkill he claimed was amazing and I think Heinz maybe even got a killtrocity? And then from these make a highlight reel that casters could review over during time between games. No doubt the players will remember any awesome moments and they can just let the staff know and they will seek to record it. I'm not sure how simple this would've been in H2A, but in Halo 5 with spectator mode also, this idea could be really plausible since it wouldn't interrupt game time as much. Also to give props to the HCS finals production, i thought it was really professional and handled downtime well. One thing I thought was great was the short montages of edited together team clips and gameplay. For the next finals id love a longer version for each team including interviews. Similar to what Xbox did for COD Champs 2014
  5. thanks to - http://www.twitch.tv/halo/b/633375479 07:51:40 You can watch the actual stream recording if you want #freet2
  6. http://gyazo.com/a14831958056a96a5527ece7069c6d14 I feel like some of you guys on here will be able to find comedic use for this gif...
  7. Do you think Halo 5 can enough depth and a big enough skill gap that it will be as competitive as Halo 2. Also do you think the bombardment of spartan abilities cheapens the game or enriches it?
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