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  1. https://twitter.com/ESLHalo/status/842057802914791425 It's good to be back.
  2. Hey! I have been working behind the scenes on Halo esports as an ESL producer. I would love to host another Halo event, as long as it lines up with my schedule and agreed upon with all parties involved. Looking forward to more Halo esports action!
  3. Yes, the tables have turned. I remember at MLG events when Halo was massive in the center and StarCraft 2 was tiny with a few benches for viewers. Evil Geniuses featured North American players in StarCraft 2, and a few of those individuals are still with EG today. One note of importance: Teams have grown in maturity and success from the 2000's. TSM, Curse, and others want to invest in a team in a burgeoning eSports scene in hopes of the game cultivating an audience that spends money. Teams like TSM and Cloud9 proved this method successful with SMITE, and they are more open to sponsor teams even before a major tournament circuit has been experienced. Another note of importance is escalation in brand competition. If one major organization creates a team for a game, others will take notice. If a team receives a sponsorship from a beverage, competitors of that beverage will take notice. I strongly urge any team or player to have a third party lawyer read over any contract before you sign it. If you need one let me know. Many of us in our youth prefer to believe in people, but the ONLY person that has your best interests at heart is you. Protect those interests. Evil Geniuses is a power house team and I welcome them to the Halo family.
  4. Let's see which team will be the top earner for HCS points in 2014
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