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  1. Needs more @@GoldenboyFTW roasting other casters but that's just me like the Gfinity event :P The video playback I would remove forge, campaign ads, warzone ads and add in some add in some relevant H5 multiplayer content
  2. It's not as OP as you think compared to Titanfall. SinceTItanfall movement for Pilots makes sense to fight to use the environment and high mobility against Titans. Advanced Warfare's in the other hand is just infrantry combat and their exo suits, not a big fan off since it felt clunky compared to Titanfall.. Back to the subject Black Ops 3 movement is that it works and it doesnt really ruin the game at all. Some of the specialist abilities aren't as OP compared to Destiny's abilities.
  3. The TTK is pretty much the same as BO2. Played it alot and I've definitely loving this game for sure. At this point, I'll never buy a CoD Title from IW(after MW3 and Ghost) and Sledgehammer (didn't like MP too much) ever. In Vahn/Treyarch we trust to make a good game
  4. From Naded's twitch mods are saying Str8 Rippin's 4th is Prototype.
  5. Well #PickupWalshy sorta worked. Hoping Walshy to play, not to coach but this should be interesting to watch.
  6. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/09/02/hundreds-of-developers-are-fed-up-with-the-hate So over hundred game developers have band together to end the hate, die, and whatever disturbing message that they get.and signed an Open Letter to the gaming community. Several 343i and Bungie game devs have signed it themselves.
  7. Intrepid Halo explorers at Teambeyond.net, - IGN
  8. http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/news/view/new-netcode-update-rolling-out/
  9. http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/05/27/gears-of-war-dev-must-betray-fans-to-innovate An article posted earlier today about Gears. If something can be said for Halo if they would have to betray fans to innovate but have the core Halo fundamentals down for the sake of innovation. What would you guys think?
  10. I just started playing CS GO last weekend and looking for more people to team up with in Competitive. Steam add: xCruxisx
  11. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/two-studios-making-this-year-s-call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-activision-promises-near-photorealistic-world/1100-6419400/ XB1/PS4 and PC Verrsion of AW will be developed by Sledgehammer Games while another studio will working 360/PS3 version which has yet to be named. Sounds like a similar approach from TItanfall at this point
  12. I'm interested to how this turns out and it looks like its false information that it will shift its focus from Xbox to PlayStation but we'll see how much information is going to turn up later on. I really want to see how the multiplayer plays out if its equal or better to Treyarch's CoD or just bad of a game that IW's MW3/Ghost style MP. My first impression to this trailer was: Its Call of Duty with Kevin Spacey and Crysis's Exoskeleton suit soldiers lol
  13. If Halo is come back, other organizations like Optic should pick it up or have CoD teams also compete in it like what happened in MLG Dallas 2012 with Optic Gaming and pretty sure there was other CoD teams that competed. This move will spark many more gamers to move onto other games. What H3CZ done for flamesword was a good move and maybe Formal can revive FaZe Ambush Halo or something like that. What Halo needs is new good fun competitive game like everyone keeps mentioning but also new players to come to the scene and grow.
  14. One does not simply terminated Marty. I guess Destiny's just lost its feeling with Marty gone.
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