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  1. This is my 4th time watching this in various forms, and my eyes still well up.
  2. Wrong. He likes playing Halo more, but he likes the pro CoD community more. He has a lot of friends on that side.
  3. Saw a lot of bad, unnecessary challenges from Roy in that game 5. Not sure why they took a 2 kill lead with a minute left, and Josbe pushed mid bridge with sniper, which lead to a Trippey triple kill.
  4. ESL has been capping their tournaments from the start. It just hasn't mattered very often because they host so many tournaments in west coast locations, where there's been notoriously low turnouts in Halo history. I've always assumed it's because they're too cheap to shell out for more equipment or hire more people to ref/run the events.
  5. When it could be distributed more evenly to the 5-8 teams? Yeah. Also, I'm pretty sure 26k is 13% of the 200k prize pool. Edit: In regards to what you proposed, I'd rather throw the 9-12 money at 2nd place.
  6. It blows my mind that people here actually believe teams outside of the top 8 should be getting paid. Not making money off of something is inherent to being an amateur. If the metric for pro status is top 8, then anything below that is amateur, and therefore you shouldn't be getting a piece of the prize pool. I am acutely aware that there were stipends for top 16 back in the day, but there was also astronomically more players competing. If there's that little competition, then there should be a corresponding decrease in how many teams are being rewarded for their placing. The idea that $500 per person is going to be the catalyst for any notable jump in teams competing in the future is laughable. A few hundred dollars to a few amateur teams will never generate that much interest. If you're grinding the game constantly, and think that entitles you to monetary compensation of any kind, you're out of your mind. The incentive exists in breaking out and becoming a pro player, then making money, as has always been the case. If playing that much isn't feasible for you because you need the money, then your focus should be less on Halo and more on getting a job.The only thing that can save Halo is a game that is fun to play, with competitive and default settings, has good gametypes, maps, ranking system, and has no glaring deficiencies from the launch. Several hundred dollars to a few extra teams is pointless, and just detracts from the players that are actually earning it.
  7. They couldn't find a scrim one night this week, then Falcated couldn't play, then Josbe couldn't play for a couple days. It's disappointing, but hopefully they'll be grinding for the next few weeks.
  8. As I said earlier, this all comes back to Halo 5 (and its last few predecessors) being trash. There's no pressure on pros, whose focus is largely (rightfully) on competing, to go around endorsing the game if the game is already fun to play and watch.
  9. I tend to think the way stuff like sprint, thrust, ground pound, and clamber have changed what makes a good play vs a bad play in Halo isn't necessarily a good thing, but that's just me. You get away with putting yourself out of position a lot...or what used to be out of position. #adapt I've only known him on a more personal level for like 6 years, but regardless, I say the same thing about all the pro players. It's not their responsibility to help the game grow. I'm not even sure exactly what people think they can do? YouTube content? Stream? It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to grow those things just for yourself, let alone a game you may be trying to promote...and it still may never take off. Anyway, what makes you think he (or most pros) care about being "relevant?" I don't think he's ever wanted the spotlight or the internet star power. Guy just wanted to play Halo and compete, and happened to be able to make money while doing it. That wasn't because the players did anything to make the game more popular...it was because the developers made a (couple) great game(s) that another company could use as the foundation for their league; and that league was run by competent people that knew how to cultivate their fanbase on their own. I'm not sure what former athletes you're talking about that champion their sport, because all of the top tier professional leagues don't need any players to go around promoting it. Athletes and former athletes just do commercials for their sponsors...because it makes them money, which has nothing to do with their craft.
  10. Halo 5, where people are routinely allowed to leave the map to influence spawns/gameplay. Back in my day, if you put one toe outside of the map, you died/were penalized. It's not his job. Guy has always just wanted to play/compete. Since when is it on the players (in any professional sport/league) to go out of their way to "grow the scene"? That's the job of the developers, people running the league(s), and sponsors. I'm not knocking any player/former player who has the time and desire to try and help a dying scene grow, but it wouldn't even be necessary if the game was actually good and people wanted to play/watch it.
  11. Do you watch his stream? He grinds more Halo 5 than most pros. He doesn't have the individual mechanics that a lot of the players on top 6 teams do, but he holds his own well enough. There was a number of times last week I saw Devon goosing several minutes into games...while going silent for long periods of time. I can't imagine Tom will do worse than that.
  12. Perhaps chemistry played a factor, and the twins would rather team with someone they really get along with, and who will bring significantly better communication. I'm also of the mind that there won't be much of a drop off in physical ability, if any.
  13. Fierce

    NFL Thread

    The Falcons are never going back after that colossal meltdown.
  14. If only we could get a Halo tournament in AC....it's a 40 minute drive for me. ZzZzZz
  15. Sucks? Almost every meaningful series they've played in the last year, with various teammates, has been close and winnable (if they didn't actually win). I'm not sure anyone who has played EG on "LAN" would honestly say they sucked, or were easy. Some of their series scores in scrims can look ugly, but often times, they're winning a lot of those games and choking down the stretch, which can be attributed to a lack of discipline. I don't think their current team is even 4 weeks old. Optic didn't win right away, and nV took a few months to really start hitting their stride. Probably not worth the rant, but it irks me how much flak EG (the twins in particular) catches. I realize their reputation is undone by the precedent they set for themselves by winning/being a top team for so long, but let's not forget the twins are 26, go to school, and work full time. The fact that they still perform at the level that they do (capable of winning on any given day), from where I'm sitting, is impressive. The twins might be hurt in small ways by not being able to grind all day, but they still get their asses on and scrim every night that the whole team is on, after being real adults all day. Just crazy to me that people shit on them so often. Doesn't seem warranted to me.
  16. I'm dead. https://www.facebook.com/ActionJaxonComedy/videos/685962104911853/
  17. I just like doing interval sprints. Not so much when I get lazy for a while, then attempt to jump back into them like I'm still in shape...but when I actually do it a couple times a week consistently.

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