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  1. Am I the only one not even liking the marketing for Halo 5?
  2. Actually no, there have been quite a few LAN events for GOW3 all through out 2014. Btw, that 50k "comeback" was ESL before the game was even out wasn't it? We still had faith in MCC back then. Still, for a game that came out 4 years ago to be doing as well as a game that came out less than 100 days is sad, especially for Halo. I'm not sure what those guys are doing at 343i, but I think its time Quinn changed his twitter bio
  3. I hear me 4yr old game with less promotion has more viewers than this event
  4. Thats a franchise thats been using kill streaks since like...Jesus, i'm not even sure. I think even COD3 had them
  5. *double post Toggling on and off abilities is still fragmenting the population. We've already had many discussions on how drastically sprint affects the game. As for Smash that is honestly a great point to make and consider. The likelihood of the community going against 343i and playing anything other than H5 when ALL of the money(and it WILL be big money) is incredibly slim in my opinion. That being said, I doubt viewership numbers maintain at a rate to keep attracting new players and sponsors if the game itself doesn't grab the attention of its fans. Like if the COD community had to play COD Ghost year after year after year, I guarantee it would die out. What keeps LoL, Dota 2 and CSGO alive is the fact that they are pretty decent out of the box and get constant updates(to @@Saucey s credit, something that really isnt feasible on consoles right now) that improve the experience for everyone.
  6. Since you pulled up their IMDBs. what were the ratings of all the films ago? Episode 1 was the first Star Wars in DECADES. It was insanely hyped, of course it would perform well. You had to SEE the movie first before you knew if it was good or not. That line of thinking doesn't make any sense to me.
  7. Or 1. We played the beta and didn't like the changes 2. Toggles essentially split the community and make it a lot like Reach 3. Some of us don't give a rats ass if the eSports aspect of the game lives if the actual game sucks by Halo standards I find it hilarious that we're all nostalgically circle jerking because we're not pleased with the changes to the series. Imagine if someone tried to use that argument with Star Wars films. Silly, everyone knows the Episode 1-3 movies are absolute garbage(wild off topic tangent, but you get the idea...I hope). The Smash community did something great at EVO when they played SSBM over SSBB and even when Nintendo tried to shut that down. The wave of negative press and criticism had them change their mind and let EVO put on one of the best SSBM tournaments ever Also, comparing COD Ghost failing to Halo failing isn't the same. They have a guaranteed game every year. The logic they went into COD Ghost was that they'd only have to tolerate the bullshit for a year and then they'd have something else fairly quickly. I don't think we're getting the same deal here with Halo, lol.
  8. You do remember that period in time where people thought PC gaming was dying right? There was a moment early on with last-gen consoles where PC game sales were just abysmal in comparison to consoles It being multiplatform had nothing to do with it now being more popular on the Xbox 360. Wasn't like people on PS3 were getting counted into the mix along with Xbox players to beat Halo, Halo just started to change and suck while COD maintained their status quo. I think I should clarify something as I think you're under the impression that I somehow believe Halo could match the popularity of those other titles that I mentioned. Let me state CLEARLY, I do NOT think a console exclusive title like Halo could beat out CSGO, COD(well actually that COULD happen), LoL, Dota, etc.) What I DO think could happen is that they could enjoy a lot more success than they have been in recent years if they just went back to the things that popularized the franchise to begin with. If it ain't broke, don't fix it right? How many games can you think of that "evolved" over time or changed a lot still maintain a decent competitive scene and popularity? Please don't mention COD:AW because my counter will be COD:Ghost managed both of those things being the worse game in the franchise. I'm pretty sure you just agreed with basically my ENTIRE argument there. Do you see that from the other big games? Not really. Most controversy you may see is a new character/map being introduced. People don't mind paying for quality. Its the fact that you're now paying more for less thats the issue. Down right insulting when games that are F2P or cheap have more content and dev support than us who pay the game AND a goddamn monthly service fee to play online and receive game updates. Titanfall is an excellent example of a rip off. $60 for what? No campaign, a handful of maps, no private lobbies or skilled based matchmaking on launch? Are you serious? Halo: MCC doesn't even work, but yet they wanted my $60 and more for pre-orders? Get the fuck outta here But like ESEA, a client that provides BETTER servers(128vs64 tick rate servers) and better anti-cheat mechanics for CSGO than the standard matchmaking, people have no qualms with putting some extra dollars in the developers pockets. Like honestly, if 343i and Xbox come and say they're going back to the core Halo experience and tacked in high quality dedicated servers for both pubs and privates(128tick), hit scan, continuous extras like weapon skins(many might not like it, but a Cloud9 BR would be boss), a theater mode that rivals CSGOs, etc you'd put down $60 RIGHT NOW and drop a couple of dollars into Quinn Del Hoyos paypal just because. It's all about that relationship between the dollar and the experience/service you receive. You go to Red Lobster you expect average food and service. You go to Del Frisco/Christners you expect a bit more than that right?
  9. It doesn't have to be bigger than or even equal to them. It just has to be Halo. Halo 3 did perfectly fine against what were in my opinion, CODs BEST games(COD4 and MW2-sue me, I liked it)...and then Reach happened. The comparisons are all valid btw 1. F2P-obviously brings in more people because theres little risk monetarily, but there are a SHIT TON of failed F2P games. F2P doesn't mean anything if your game is still garbage. 2. Being PC exclusive isn't a guaranteed success(Shootmania?) and CSGO being cheap doesn't quite mean anything. How well did the previous Halo's sell? These new iterations are not matching the success of their own previous entries. 3. Once again, that doesn't dispute anything. Halo 2 was an exclusive, sold well and performed well in longevity. Same could be said about H3. You don't have to compare Halo to other games, you can compare Halo now to Halo then, the argument still remains the same. I bring up these other games because COD is the ONLY game that is really thriving on consoles(competitively at least) and the Xbox only has 2 exclusives in Halo and GOW and being from the GoW community, let me tell you...we've fallen from grace as well in similar fashion(GOW1-2, challenging and very competitive, lasted a long time in popularity. GOW3-J, one was really easy with cheesy noob guns and the other...well, not even Smosh Games consider it apart of the series
  10. Your judgment on success and failure are warped from mines then. Do I think H5 will have the money a competitive scene needs to thrive thrown in? Yeah of course, the writing is on the wall. Do I think the game will be good? Fuck no. Maybe a good "game" but its not Halo and that would have been my only reason for buying it. Could careless if a shitty game has a good competitive scene. Didn't see me grab COD: Ghost because COD Champs was back again and you won't see me grab H5 because of the HCS I want a good game AND a good competitive scene. Why should I settle for half of that? I'm quitting the franchise. No point in sticking around when CSGO is out there and doing things right Screw any and everyone at 343i that thought these changes(innovations as they call them for marketing) were a good idea. "Oh we have to evolve to cater to new players" Meanwhile Counter Strike has been using the same goddamn formula for 15 goddamn years and are having more success now than they ever had before. COD has been doing the same goddamn thing for years and they're succeeding LoL, same damn thing Dota2, same damn thing Halo, nothing but changes since Halo 3(Halo purist will say CE, but you get the idea) and they STILL cannot seem to reach(no pun intended) the magic that was Halo 2 and Halo 3. "Have I ever told you the definition of insanity?"
  11. Can anyone link me the video of pros saying Halo 4 was good?
  12. When everyone on COD is having fun but you stuck on the Main Menu
  13. When you search MCC with a friend, but he gets put on the other team and you have to kill him
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