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  1. This is the problem with this community. For the past 2-3 pages, everybody is talking about Breakout. It's the same damn idea as Eliminatio from Halo 3. Guess how long Bungie kept that hopper around? (willing to bet most people here haven't even heard of it). With all of the flaws in this shitty game that just so happens to have a Halo label on it, here we are talking about Breakout?
  2. Halo CE: 8 Halo 2: 9 Halo 3: 10 Halo Reach: 5 Halo 4: 6 H2A: 7 (working) Halo 5: 5
  3. There were 250,000 playing H3 the day before Reach came out. Reach dropped to like 50K one year after release. Never before in online Halo history did the population sink below 100K until Reach. Yes, H4 dropped to 30K 1 month post launch, that's horrible. But Reach started the nose dive. H4 just started hammering the nails in the coffin. Edit: H3 never had 1 million people 1 year after release. It was consistently 350K to 450K a year after release. The first week ranged from 500K - 1mill
  4. And that too me is how Halo 3 succeeded. It struck a perfect balance between casual and competitive gamers. I keep hearing people talk about how awful H3 gameplay was at launch. Specifics would be better, but yes, we can all agree that AR starts on Valhalla is not fun, but does anyone think that SMG starts on H2 Beaver Creek is actually better? Where once a team assumes map control, you can't get out of the base? H3 at launch with BR starts was fun throughout more of the skill set spectrum (ranks 1-50) than any other Halo game IMO. And luckily you actually had the option to vote for BR starts, something you couldn't do for Halo 2, and something that you apparently cannot do for Halo 5 for whatever reason. I stayed up until 8am the next day and got a C on a Biology test in college (that I didn't study for) because of Halo 3 after it launched. I bought Halo 5 a week after it came out, and have only played it for 2 days because I'm already tired of it's flaws.
  5. Maps that: 1) Aren't from Forge 2) Aren't created at 7PM where the sun hits your eyes in EVERY *****ing map. I.E I want maps at night, snow maps, pretty blue skies, thunder in the background, red Jupiter looking skies, indoor maps, shiny blue covenant maps with covenant textures, golden textured walls like Epitaph and Construct, absolutely no ****ing white, grey or dull colors which plagues every map created since Halo 4 3) Arenas with nice site lines 4) Openness, limited corridors unless they are long, and are part of a symmetrical map (not Adrift like, that was horrible) I don't know, something better than the crap that I'm seeing in the DLC previews.
  6. So much knowledge was just dropped here, everyone's heads should have grown 10% in diameter.
  7. This is the most frustrating Halo game I've ever played.
  8. Same here. Downloading the damn update...kind of nervous about what I'm about to get myself into.
  9. You may very well be correct, but this is the wrong rational. Halo 3 had LONG wait times. Halo 3's population sustained 500K consistently for 2 years. It was 250K the day before Reach released.
  10. Same here, although it took almost 500+ games to do it. Does anyone ever see a trend with comments like this. Pride issues aside. Nobody, and I mean nobody, ever ever ever references what their Halo Reach season X rank was. Nobody ever references what there Halo 4 rank was (lol, especially not at launch). Something tells me that 5-10 years from now, nobody will ever reference what there Halo 5 rank was. H2 pre/post patch and H3 ranks will always be the benchmark/standard by which players will be judged. Sure Halo 3 certainly had it's flaws, and it seemed like everybody and there mother could get a 50, but a 50 in MLG? Solo? Aside from being a professional at this game, which constitutes probably 0.0001% of the Halo community, that's a differentiator. As nice as these "seasonal" and "division" ranks sound, and as much as the current community seems content with it being the metric to measure player against player, the debates from 5 years ago are evidently long forgotten. It is essentially what started the demise of Halo, while in Bungie's hands. H2/H3 ranking system IS the ideal ranking system that should be tweaked. Not completely overhauled into something that just flat out doesn't work. Seriously, a game in 2004 delivered a ranking system and matchmaking system (player skill vs. player skill) better than anything that 343 can muster despite all of the support and all of the resources from everything that Microsoft can throw at 343. Do people assume that 343 is guiding their ship on a standard budget? Look at the console war sales figures. PS4 is outselling the Xbox One 2:1. Halo, as defined by Phil Spencer, is Xbox. He has stated, without Halo, the Xbox One doesn't exist. This game is supposed to drive sales of not only itself obviously, but an entire console. It is getting FULL support, whatever 343 needs, they can get it from M$. Yet, still, to this very day, we can't get the basics down. The basics that were mastered a decade ago. I would love nothing more than to retire my H2 and H3 stats and memories, and to have them replaced by H5 and H6 ranks as a way to justify the caliber of player that I am. But that will never happen with today's ranking system, matchmaking issues (pitting 1 player vs. teams), and just overall suckery.
  11. Bro, come back down to reality and stop trying to show off your Finance 101 notes, and instead take a lesson from a basic SAT analogy. 343 takes over: Halo dies Enron goes bust: Enron stock dies Simple
  12. This reasoning is nonsense. 343 spent a total of FOUR years making Halo 5. I'll share a link to a video game that doesn't believe in excuses for missed features; a game that is over 8 years old.. It was designed with a brand new engine for a 2 year old console. Everything had to be, as you say, rewritten, and designed from the ground up. This 8 year old game had: -A working Forge -Amazing Theatre -11 UNIQUE multiplayer maps -More customizations in custom games than H5 -A rewarding ranking system -Split screen -A level of design that imprinted on the player the idea that the producers "get it." They get what the player wants, and what it takes to make a great game. Sales figures: 3 months: 8.1 million copies $300 million in the first week 1 million unique players on Xbox live in the first 24 hours Best selling video game of 2007 I'm amazed at the number of apologists for 343. I swear, sometimes I think this place is a sanctuary for Halowaypoint rejects. Perhaps it's just that my generation of Halo fans has moved on because they recognize regression when they see it. I'm just about to that point (maybe I am there since I still haven't logged a single minute on H5). Or perhaps it's just that the players of today's generation are blissfully unaware of how good we had it nearly a decade ago...when basic features of multiplayer were low hanging fruit for game developers. Or, maybe they aren't blissfully unaware, and the golden age of gaming has passed and is never coming back. Seriously people, stop making excuses for an out of touch group. The direction of the Halo franchise once it left Bungie's hands is the same direction that Enron's stock took in the 2000's. -Map layout is a cluster**** -Map texture is dull, white, and grey -Grenades still have fireballs trailing their ass like some Nickelodeon cartoon -We are still having conversations about BR starts lol -The campaign...can't comment for H5, but based on the reviews + H4s direction... -No Theatre, a real theatre -No population counter -No Forge -Stripped down customs game list I won't even get into the discussion about the core gameplay mechanics and how I believe they have regressed from the golden trio of weapons/grenades/melee. The list above is too much to tackle for 343's appetite.
  13. Gotcha, but I'm not sure if bringing up Halo 3's current population #s are relevant 8 years after the fact when trying to discuss playlist/mm/ranking issues.
  14. Halo 3 population from 2007 to 2009 = 400,000+ consistently. The day before Reach launched, it still managed to pull 200,000 players. The thought that Halo 3's ranked populations were dead before rank 40 is nonsense. Those 25 accounts loaded on my 360 where I ranked peoples accounts from 1-50 beg to differ. Point being, Halo 3's matchmaking formula worked. Deviations from that formula have resulted in matchmaking populations a fraction of the size of H3. That is a fact.
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