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  1. I'm headed to rehab for sex addiction later this year so why not make a thread about it
  2. Guys there attacking FiX MCC defend it plz. https://www.reddit.com/r/place/#x=785&y=394
  3. Lets give constructive criticism to company with the worst rip off and fuck you to customers ever in the history of the games industry (Master Chief Collection) which to this day is broke. How about no?
  4. Joining custom games with your friends is a big reason I came back. I've wanted a custom game browser since Halo 3 for that reason. Not being able to do that is a big hit to the casual community and your average player. Seriously get out of your competitive bubble.
  5. I'm talking about random customs not hosting my own?
  6. When 100 people are trying to get into one lobby it doesn't take a "extra 10 seconds" it would have took 2 minutes of dev time to implement it
  7. "Re Downloads Halo 5" "Can't join casual custom games with firesquads (Friends)" "Deletes Halo 5 again" Seriously can 343 do anything right?
  8. Seriously just got on Halo for the first time in forever. How the hell do a calibrate all these new settings like deadzone and acceleration?
  9. Not coming in to white night. But if she says she/(maybe he) is a girls just accept it and move on. Gender in no way affects the topics of Halo 5 or how we should discuss Halo 5.
  10. @@Moa Since you closed down the other thread you want me to edit my post with not confirmed or something?
  11. So MLG is closing down. Haven't posted in a month but wtf? http://esportsobserver.com/mlg-sells-substantially-all-assets-to-activision-blizzard-for-46-million/
  12. Currently a Halo 5 F/A Been Playing for 13 years Some Lan Experience Aggressive Play Style Can Travel Can be on everyday from 4pm to 1 am Central Standard. On all Day on Weekends. Gt is Savage Arbiter Twitter is @Savage_Scott_
  13. SO how do the qualifiers work is there a online tournament this weekend then a ladder or?
  14. Halo 5 is the best Halo in 5 years. There I said it (Even though thats not saying much)
  15. Hey sorry but everytime I go to the tournament section it ask me to sign up for Beyond again even though I already am. I'm on chrome so could that be the problem?
  16. I heard Ninja or one of the pros was hosting a Lan in Texas but I haven't been able to find any info about it anybody got info?
  17. Halo 5 is great from a multiplayer standpoint. (Lets not get into that its subjective) but read my post again I removed that part because its personal and where discussing video games no reason to get personal Do you have any video proof like seriously asking because iv'e missed alot of railgun shots and is doesn't seem to have alot of magnetism.
  18. Storm rifle should be Tier 2 In what halo did the rocket launcher take skill to use The rail gun isn't easy to use the sniper rifle does need a balance "edited this part out because it was personal and were just discussing a video game"
  19. Savage Arbiter here is my service record if thats what you wanted to see https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/games/halo-5-guardians/xbox-one/service-records/players/savage%20arbiter
  20. Ar is not overpowered Storm rifle should be classified as a power weapon smg is beat by br shotgun is a power weapon needler is a power weapon Boltshot is in no way overpowered seriously have you played the game? Fuel rod is a power weapon Railgun is a power weapon Pistol is perfect as is for a utility weapon if you hit all 5 shots It literally has less magnetism than the Halo 2 br are you crazy no its not again have you played the game? You have a point there
  21. Br, Dmr and Pistol beat SMG and Ar at medium range. The ar and smg are supposed to beat a medium weapon at medium range. The storm rifle should be classified as a power weapon
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