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  1. How do you figure he wasn't top 5 in H2A? That's pretty ridiculous; and on top of all of that when H2A was over he was head and shoulders above everyone else all summer/fall during H3 $8s on MCC. There was no one better at 4s in any Halo during 2015. I don't have hard evidence apart from his success over that time period, but I watched him play Halo almost every day and it was pretty obvious to me that he was Top 1.
  2. Obviously a matter of opinion, but Lethul was the best player in Halo for basically all of H2A and the first 6 or so months of H5. On top of that he was a freak in Reach, respectable in H3 and has won more money playing Halo than anyone else (I could be wrong, but I think that's true).
  3. Like...could you imagine if you were this bad at your job? How long would you last?
  4. I am logging back into this account for the first time in like 9 months to express how tilted I am OG is not on main stage. Like what the fuck is this? Help
  5. I'm convinced that Ace is the single worst decision-maker in Halo.
  6. You're right. Two totally unrelated things. So, I'll repeat myself and ask if you're stupid on purpose.
  7. Lmao which part do you disagree with, big fella?
  8. Is CursedLemon stupid on purpose? Kid is sitting here telling people they haven't achieved the proper level of euphoria to be "cognizant" of why Halo 3 is such a bad game. Lmao
  9. No -- there really is a difference, sport. And re: the original comment, what exactly am I trying to appear right about? How exactly am I imposing my "intellectual superiority?" Lol. Get fucking real. I called out Lemon's shitpost video. That's it. You can disagree with me all you want. But there is a clear, obvious difference between making a small comment in a thread and creating a thread with a video in it that claims authority on a subject.
  10. Totally separate things. And I'm not the one making a 20 minute video about it. Do you see the difference?
  11. That's a little dishonest, considering your entire video was exactly that, bud. Just to be clear, the only point I'm making is that just because you looked up a word in the dictionary doesn't make it any less pretentious for you to throw it around in a video about Halo so you can pretend to be smarter than you are. Which basically summarizes every post you make on this forum.
  12. pre·ten·tious prəˈten(t)SHəs/ adjective attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed. Relativity is in the dictionary as well, and I'd love to see you try to describe that with any precision or rigor. And then use it in any useful way in the context of Halo.
  13. I sometimes forget this forum is populated by 18 year olds who still think that excessive flourish and hyperbole are effective methods of communication. And since it has been brought up nonstop, referencing "chaos theory" in a video about Halo (ignoring the fact you probably have no idea what chaos theory actually is) is basically the definition of pretentious. If that doesn't convince you, then maybe the repeated, incredibly awkward demands to "listen closely" when we're already watching the fucking video will. In addition to that, we have 17 minutes of cluttered arguing over semantics. Once you get to the content itself, you find the same tired, core complaints that have been made about Halo 5 since before the game even came out. Of course, none of this makes him wrong. In fact, he's mostly right. It's just that he's mostly right in the most superficial, douchiest and uninteresting way possible.
  14. I got through 5 minutes and 1 usage of the phrase "chaos theory" before the rambling pretentiousness of this video made me fucking suicidal. Jesus Christ. 17 Minutes of this? Really?
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