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  1. Really hope T2 carries on playing, his team just needs to practice more
  2. Well time for bed, probablu have another ten pages to read while eating breakfast in the morning.
  3. Think Arkanum tweeted one of the sudds that they won't be. Just don't like the attitude on both of them.
  4. Head up for optic, don't really like the aura and attitudes of the players. (Ace and flame) seems they blame everyone but themselves. Lethal is KING
  5. I think it's karma. Flamesword trying to play the moral high card when they just effectively dismantled a team by taking maniac.
  6. I think my first problem was the weapon counters, although, some enjoy them, in halo 3 and still some sort in Halo MCC it is a skill to know when the weapons are spawning and it is knowledge which only certain people know which is an important layer of competitive gaming. Too many times in a game have I seen a to4 just stand for thirty seconds waiting for the sniper to spawn on Empire. The shooting for me does not feel smooth at all, feels a lot clunky, I don't know if this is because of the build we are playing, but it definitely did not have the fluidity that I have come to expect from the Halo games that I have played over the years, which is disappointing. The matchmaking speeds are good, even for a beta, but there is too many times that my teammates do not know how to shoot, I can not recite how many times I have gone +12 and lost the game because my teammates are either unranked or just much lower division to those in the game. Player count or not, there has been times where it has worked fine, so I don't know if thats a valid answer. I saw someone mention it above, but the flinching when shot, is just not good in my opinion and is just not what halo is about. The clutch moments of No Scoping becomes a wild frenzy of shooting random bullets hoping you catch the enemy with one. It is almost impossible it line it up as your player shivers at every bullet him. The ranking system is fine to me but I wonder if this is going to be done in seasons, or just flat out, as flat out sounds good for me, but if there is going to be constant resets or seasons, it gets boring, repetitive and stupid. The sprint is annoying, bad positional play allows people to get punished, but with the sprint, it allows them 8 times out of ten to live. I don't mind sprinting for weapons or around the map but maybe it should be disabled in battles and be allowed to be used as a mode of movement around the map, if anything. It means bad positional play can not be rectified by a single sprint away around a corner. The current 'no recharging if sprinting' is not working as there is far too many corners to run around in the maps like Empire and therefore it does matter as they just bomb around 3 corners and they are safe. For you to sprint after them it means nine times out of ten you are committing into bad play. The thrust which is good as it does not destabilise the screen or the opponent is good, and is far than enough for an in game battle!! The scope is fine, but i don't see the need for the difference, the scopes were fine as they were. My problem is hat the BR feels like a one shot gun, i don't know why, but it doesn't feel like a 3 bullet BR shot. I don't know if this is a problem to how it works. The game is not what we are use to, and won't be, but I would like to see some the stuff from above repaired.
  7. Gamertag: ShavenNotFur Customs/MM: customs Region: UK Invite me now
  8. Gamertag: ShavenNotFur Customs/MM: customs Region: UK Invite me now
  9. Gamertag: ShavenNotFur Customs/MM: customs Region: UK Invite me now
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