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  1. Not surprised Mr. Holmes would twist the truth to better fit his narrative. It's a common theme at 343.
  2. These H5 human maps look like a clutter fuck of exposed wires and pipes.
  3. Looking forward to a ranked hardcore playlist. Kinda wish you could toggle between h2-h3.
  4. There is no reason to have the sprint animation. If people truly wanted to "speed" up halo, why would an increase in base speed not suffice? Adding an animation into the mix that removes your weapon from play slows down the game. Period. 343 should have increased base speed a moderate amount and removed the sprinting animation all together. The speed may not have been as fast but the spillover benefits gained from keeping your weapon active extensively marginalize the need for sprint. Aside from that, larger maps are needed to "balance" sprint which further reduce its impact. I see its inclusion as a deadweight loss with no positive trade offs. It is the most inneficient way to boost the games speed all for the sake of an animation.
  5. Halo 3 was a great halo game. In terms of longevity it lasted well into 3 years and had a vibrant competitive scene. The spartan and map designs were aesthecially pleasing, especially in comparison to 343's iterations. Minus the br spread, the game was a great transition from halo 2 and added many new features without changing the game's core dynamics.
  6. If the mcc is still broken by halo 5's release I don't know how any one who respects this franchise could purchase it.
  7. Who decides HCS settings? I am fearful that a playlist w out sprint will be a half assed, 5-month post release update to appease us "whiners" who want to play classic settings outside customs. It's always a fucking compromise with this company.
  8. I wonder how maps designed for these abilities will play without them.
  9. It's saddens me that players who play halo for two weeks and move on to the newest titanfall or Cod is what this game is being designed for.
  10. R/halo is giving me cancer. Expect to be down-voted if you're even remotely critical about H5. Also, these pro "ambassadors" for the competitive halo scene are just giving lip service to 343. How could a halo pro say that H5 is heading in the right direction?
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