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  1. At least correct yourself when you said the rest went neg when that wasn't the case
  2. GGs to Team Randa. Ryanoob and that sniper was just insane. Pisses me off
  3. We have picked up Str8 Sick as our 4th. See everyone in Atlanta and here's an article on the addition. eLevate - Gab, MuNoZ, Shooter, Str8 Sick
  4. eLevate will be looking for 1. The roster is Munoz, Shooter, and myself. Attitudes didn't mesh and we hope to find a 4th that will stick for the entire season. Good luck to Tyler, I wish him the best.
  5. No it was Spartan lol. I was telling him to do it earlier but it was too late.
  6. eLevate - Gabriel, Spartan, Shaffer, Munoz See everyone there..
  7. Will the opening post be updated with all teams heading into St. Louis along with seeds? I've had my eye on this thread just waiting for that
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