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  1. The solution for taking out sprint is simply upping the base movement speed quite a bit, this would solve a lot of problems. Sadly quinn or whoever is in charge of the MP has a hard on for sprint even though it clearly is not wanted at all and nobody likes sprint in halo.
  2. I'm assuming you don't know if so The one where you go to Settings > Network > Go offline > wait 10 seconds or so go online and back into halo and you will get the win. There was a thread here 2-3 weeks ago on it and know everyone knows the fact it hasn't been fixed is embarrassing. Edit: Ok delete this if needed.
  3. If only I knew who that was, probably someone who didn't have the same opinion or mindset on something as you, so you presumably threw a massive tantrum? Honestly go get counselling this behavior is very worrying.
  4. Fantastic reply thanks for letting me know what type of person I'm dealing with. Btw you're pathetic insults don't bother me in the slightest, Reported for childish behavior.
  5. You know from recollection I seem to remember a lot of people from the mlg forums and halo forums liking the Reach Beta, and you know what happened a little while after launch? Everyone hated the game of course and some even went to say they never liked the beta. What you are experiencing is the "honeymoon" period it happened with Reach and it happened with Halo 4 and it happens with most games. I can't really take people serious when they've played it for a day in small environment with two maps and one gametype. Maybe it's the honeymoon period or the fact people want to believe it will be good? but given the track of 343i and their failings with H4 and the MCC, I see no reason to give 343i the benefit of the doubt. I see Halo 5 as pure sales pitch and grab game by 343i and whatever happens to the population happens but as long as the game sells cause it has "halo" on the cover that will be deemed a success regardless of what happens afterwards. But hey Abilities failed 2 times surely 3 times a charm right? edit: ps stop with the little pathetic jabs it's embarrassing.
  6. A proper ranking system will never be coming to the MCC let alone ranked for CE ha ha ha lol.
  7. You're the type of person that if H5 failed you would sit there during H6 beta and be like "You played h6 beta?" even though 343i keep fucking up right?
  8. Having friendly fire off is really stupid. Think of it like this you are playing Construct and you are in lobby with 2 teammates and you have rockets and your other teammate is on open street with sniper/br trapping them in Closed. You can send in one guy to closed to try and get a few shots in while you shoot rockets and the other teammate throws nades, Because friendly fire is off your teammate is not affected by rockets and nades and you can probably get most of them. Yes that's h3 but think of it like this it just negates making smart plays, if I saw a teammate in a close quarter battle with a member of the opposing team I can just lob a nade or rockets at them killing the other guy but my teammate stays alive. Now try and tell me that friendly fire off is not plain stupid. Teammates betraying you for power weapons is not a valid excuse to want friendly fire off, that's just players being dickheads. A proper good booting system being implemented is a far better idea than friendly fire off.
  9. I'm trying to search HCS playlist and the population is dead it took me 10 minutes to even get 5 people. Then it starts up as 4v2 EXACTLY AS IT LAUNCHED 1 MONTH AGO. Cannot wait to play Relic and get another 5v4!
  10. As someone who bought an XBOX 1 whatever you do don't purchase that it is the worst console I've ever played soo many problems for a "next gen" console. My friend has both PS4 is far better but just go PC especially with GTA 5 coming out.
  11. The value for money in this compensation is actually a joke if you put some though into it. Halo ODST right now on Amazon is about 12.99 but what you have to remember is that it shipped with the following 1. Halo Reach Beta 2. 4 Player Co-Op mode Firefight 3. Stand alone expansion to Halo which doesn't require original Halo 3 disk to play 4. 3 New maps Heretic,Citadel,Longshore. The thing to take into consideration is we are only getting Campaign done ODST was a very small campaign in the first place anyway. I'd value the campaign on it's own at maybe 5 dollars given 2014 prices Add in 1 month XBL which is worth maybe 10$ and that's debatable considering some websites offer it for cheap and you can can find certain people on ebay selling it for ridiculously low prices or in bundles. Relic is worth 50 cent imo. The nameplates+Avatar are worth nothing imo. So we are getting 16$ at best worth of content out of this and the main piece of content is Campaign.Lets be fair the ODST Campaign is only 2-4 hours long. Now the main part of MCC that was broken was Matchmaking yet campaign players seem to be getting largely rewarded. Does that seem like compensation to you.? Also doesn't it seem strange that probably the quickest and easiest copy+paste map was chosen? Relic doesn't seem like the type of map which would take very long to bring out as a remake.Relic is 10x better than Stonetown and Zenith by far but wouldn't it make sense to at least remake Ivory Tower since 343i are running a competitive league?
  12. To quote a post from the Halo fb page as compensation " Can you update my checking account with my 60 dollars please?" This sounds pretty reasonable considering Halo MCC is still not functional. Season pass holders on AC can get Far Cry 4 an exceptionally good game I must say. We get an irrelevant ODST Campaign.
  13. Oh man cannot wait to get my custom nameplates that everyone else will have I'm so excited, well atleast ODST has Firefight I'm sure that will be a lot fun......oh wait ye No wonder 343i are just a joke. Ubisoft gave a bigger reward than this for AC:Unity and it was nowhere near as bad as MCC.
  14. But for real It doesn't matter what you think give it 1 hour or 2 weeks game is trash either way. I don't have to sit there with an open mind or whatever bullshit the people in denial these days are spewing to know it's gonna crumble, 343i have made two games well 1.1 (H4,MCC) and both games have spectacularly failed, why would anyone trust them after that lol. I cannot wait till the new Call of Duty does it's usual thing and absolutely embarrasses Halo 5 in population,twitch numbers,sales everything and Halo 5 bombs like H4 I wonder what the 343i apologists will have as an excuse then?
  15. You know that idea right there is gold just watching the intro with music is more fun than Halo 5 altogether.
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