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  1. Can anybody explain why the update sizes are so large? I can't wrap my head around matchmaking and bug fixes being such big file sizes..
  2. xboxdvr.com/SoCaLLLLLLLLLLL/144a943f-1e58-4af0-9c1e-0db2efd52fa5 can anybody explain this one...?
  3. The post-game UI is awful. Don't understand why they didn't use each respective game's post-game UI...
  4. SoCaLLLLLLLLLLL (11 Ls) 1v1s - haven't touched halo one in years Kentucky
  5. Gamertag: SoCaLLLLLLLLLLL (11 Ls) MM/Customs US Eastcoast
  6. GT: SoCaLLLLLLLLLLL (11 Ls) Customs and MM, preferably 1v1s right now Region: East Coast (Kentucky)
  7. Not sure if custom games are hit or miss showing up in temporary films or if they're completely left out but I just played a couple 1v1s on lockout start to finish and none of them were in my temporary files.
  8. Not for sure, but managed to get a game searching with 3 and we definitely were not paired up with another team of 3. Kind of disappointing. This was in ranked by the way
  9. I know it's early but for anybody that has played enough ranked, does it feel like the halo 4 CSR in that you aren't really matching people based on skill...? I managed to get to 13 and have consistently played ones and twos. It also feels like I've ranked up after each and every game, but it's hard to tell with the servers..
  10. Serious question.. Outside of people like those on this forum that will play halo no matter what, is there any reason for non-halo people to play this game beyond this point? If I was a kid who had never played halo and found out it was like this with a broken matchmaking, there's no way I would keep playing it..
  11. Can anyone explain how a game can abrubtly end whenever? No quit outs or anything, the game just ends.. Like the modders on halo 3 could do it.
  12. Searched halo 3, ended up in an 8 man ffa where each person was on a different colored team. So it wasn't really FFA. How does that even happen..?
  13. Huge problems with getting stuck in the final score screen when a game ends or if somebody quits. Also is anyone else bothered by the fact that they used the oldest versions of weapon placements on maps? I know they stated out of the box play, its just a little hard to adjust. For example, the halo 3 narrows has cammo and shotty bottom mid instead of rockets. Feels like I haven't played that version since 06..
  14. To summarize 3 hours of pain and misery, got into 4 games. Finished them all. One didn't even count. Two games started with 5 people.. The stats kept in your service record arent accurate, says I have 4 wins and 0 games played. I can always hear the other team. Vibration was on in halo 3 even though I had set it to off on my console as well as the game settings. Teams being split up. Audio is off, could just be my astros though. Had one lobby where we had 8 people several times in halo 3, never started. Emblems are all set to the same for each respective team, not sure if this is intentional (halo 3). Guests can play ranked.. For some reason they still show you who you're being matched with, not sure if you can back out like you could in halo 4.
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