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  1. I hope they fuck this up so hard. Just pls let them fuck up.
  2. They said it crashed at 49, they cant come back so they ended it.
  3. And the game crash, i love 343. Best Game ever. Edit: Also only 2 Maps also op.
  4. divide by 2 or 3 and it still got more viewers.
  5. Like we did with MCC, right? Already before release of MCC,the game crashed on events. It were a good sign that the game is literally broken but nobody thought it could happen at launch. Same is here going on.
  6. Just like i said. No Split-screen is literally the worst they could do. I shouldnt be at all suprised if some other core stuff would miss at launch like Forge, Flie-sharing or some core Playlists etc. Now i can't even play some doubles on my couch. Goodbye Halo
  7. i did it on purpose. Now we got the answer from Josh
  8. Wow. This direction which Halo goes. Chief and Locke as enemys in MP? Are u for real guys? Also about Halo 5 -its overloaded with clunkiness. Animation for literally everything. Slamming powerups into the Chest #Immersion -Only THREE Playlists at launch, THREE. (No Doubles, Snipers, Multi or anything like that) -No Splitscreen for Campaign -MICROTRANSACTIONS for Halo? Wow. It will end up like Evolve and nobody will touch it. Warzone end in an random festival after some time -AI is horrible based by Flameswords Video The list goes on. Halo 5 will be horrible in my opinion. They did many changes which were good but the bad ones are overlay everything. They try to force us to play their new shit gamemode by reducing Playlists and REQ Packs also in mind to bring people to buy their stuff to make more money with it. Its good that they try to pay HCS with it but at the end of the day just 5-10% slip in it. Sorry but not with me. I dont get how people again go on the Hypetrain and buy the game or even preorder just to complain again 2 months after Launch. also sorry for my bad english.
  9. Now posts get deleted when u tell 343 is stupid when they not include Doubles at launch? Great.
  10. Guys,u saw the instant seats switch in the warthog? It's a fucking huge thing for teamplay and it sucks.You become a one man army, which is kind of destroys some of the meta game as far as warthog game-play goes. Also if you hijack a warthog with an enemy gunner you can push him/her out of the turret. Edit: https://gfycat.com/SilverLargeKakapo https://gfycat.com/FrighteningHonoredIcelandichorse as im not allowed to post gifs over 5mb i just post the links if that is possible, if not delete pls.
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