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  1. Psshhh that's what we all said in the beginning. The Greenwall starts to grow on you.
  2. Yooo you should stop by the HCS thread sometime it's civilized over there.
  3. where in fuck do you come from that 20 thousand dollars isn't life changing.
  4. I love it when people from general discussion come into the HCS thread to argue about their personal preferences.
  5. I'm super excited to watch the beyond tournament. I'd imagine we get to watch some super sweaty games between the pros.
  6. So you're not taking the other 10 teams that wasn't invited to X games seriously either?
  7. Am I the one hoping they keep hwc at 2 million and put the rest into the pro league?
  8. Sounds like yall should be skiing and calling it team bonding. Oh and please film it.
  9. So the bar I'm at had X games on and now halo is playing. We've fucking made it.
  10. This shit isn't even funny anymore. I feel bad for these pros, some of them treat it like their job and to get screwed over like this sucks. It had to be fucking exhausting trying to find a team of 4 today. I don't envy anyone being on the bubble of top 16.
  11. Absolutely craz. Made my commute to work really dangerous.
  12. psshhh halo has been there done that 10 years ago. But in all seriousness this is very cool.
  13. This day has been very entertaining but we really need roster locks.
  14. I get where you're coming from but comparing the two is almost impossible. You're not doing either franchise a favor by trying to compare them to each other.
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