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  1. great tournament UGC, let's hope for more to come! and for more pro teams to attend next time!
  2. I quit playing Halo for a couple months because 80% of my games were literally sh*t connection, like unplayable sh*t, couldn't even thrust slide most games but yet I'm paying for 75mb down. it didn't make sense... Read the forum the other day and decided to try this, wtf! Thank You! Been destroying every game I've been playing and the connection is so much better literally night and day difference!! Thanks man.! Edit: Here's a guide to find the best dns settings near your particular location, some that are even faster than googles! (highly recommend) http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=904073
  3. GT: ER RuNnin Customs/MM: Both Region: Southeast US Going for the 50
  4. Hitler finds out the Patch did now work, watch this now LOL!!! Hahaha
  5. managed to run 1 mm game. still searching now... anyone running customs? GT: ER RuNnin
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