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  1. Is anyone concerned that this will spread Halo players out even thinner. Some will go over to XBox One and other will stay on 360. I have to wonder if this is a marketing ploy by Miscrosoft to expedite XBox One sales? Is this really better for the game?
  2. 343 is lucky to get ghost. Eric knows how to listen and observe, this will first lead to improvements in customer support. Over time he will adjust to his environment and start to move up the corporate ladder. Eric might not be the person who designs the next game, he will be the first person that notices that next move 343 will need to make and then find the right person for that job. Congrats Eric this will be interesting to watch and yes I will be the first to say "I told you so".
  3. Eric: "Success is how you bounce back". I would bet my reputation on you. Thanks for making the game fun! Something tells me you will return, I mean you are "Gh057ayame" Your friend Len Bose
  4. I enjoy playing Halo and appreciate 343's customer support. The sector of the game that needs the most improvement is the community with more focus given to the novice players. Common courtesy can never be expected online in a multiplayer playlist. Advancements can be made in coaching lessons, 343 supported group/clan pages and encourage professional players to promote sportsmanship. Product manufactures and player associations working together for the improvement for the lower skilled players is how I have witnessed longevity within a class of gameplay. X Doppler X
  5. Perfect example of a PRO supporting the game and helping it grow. THANKS!
  6. Support section helped thanks.
  7. Is anyone else having issues signing into Twitch? I keep getting this error {"_links":{"kraken":"https://api.twitch.tv/kraken"}}. How can I fix this?
  8. As a parent the challenge I always face is teaching my kid that "you don't get something nothing". I am more than willing to support my kid in any endeavor he grows a passion for. At the same time he best notice the trash cans need to be brought in, the pool needs cleaning and my car needs to be washed. I not saying he would have to do all this in one day, I am just saying it's a lot easier for me to buy him a new headset after my pool has been cleaned?? Like my father always told me, "If you have completed all of your assigned tasks at work and still on the clock, pick up a broom and sweep"
  9. All three will get better with time and they are so much better than what we had at MLG.
  10. Who are the upcoming players to keep an eye on and is there a stats page from Knoxville we can review?
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