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  1. Maybe you're gripping the controller too tightly? Sometimes I have to remind myself to relax my right hand a bit
  2. Another console pleb, would love to play with some of you beyonders Gt: Mtbrown07
  3. Serious question Is eBay the best place to sell consoles as far as $$$?
  4. If the multiplayer felt anything like the campaign that's 100% what I'd be playing right now But sadly it's not....
  5. 4.5, 4.5, and 2 felt like teh sex for me last night
  6. This new aiming is..... Life changing /s In all seriousness, while not perfect it feels like butter for me compared to before. I can actually aim consistently and close range pistoling feels miles better. Loving it so far. Please don't be placebo please don't be placebo......
  7. Tried playing Halo 5 after this, my goodness my aim is utter shit now. This game is a ton of fun, but desperately needs more gametypes. I understand how some of the classes abilities may limit this but they still need more variety. Maybe an oddball type of game where the carrier can't use abilities or is granted specific carrier abilities. Some variation of ctf, anything that works really. I'm having an amazing time playing as genji, I'm just hesitant to buy the game for one character and a few gametypes.
  8. I love that bubu dubu has been used as a verb for the last 3 years
  9. I almost spit out my cereal when I read they added binaries to coliseum.... The fuck. I have a hard time comprehending their ass backwards logic. Does anyone have a link to all the changes? Couldn't find one on Google
  10. I thought all the casters did a great job, I enjoyed everyone immensely. Goldenboy is Halo's Mike Torico, which I mean in a very positive way (I'm from Michigan so maybe I'm biased)
  11. Just found out about this thanks to this thread. I work and live in Ann Arbor, and that's the one weekend this month I have to work. Extraordinarily disappointed right now! Have a blast everyone wish I could join the fun
  12. IMO hell jumper has the best default button layout in the game
  13. Need some more for CE customs tonight, will be playing with some RL friends who are terrible, so if you're looking for high skill level it probably won't be the lobby for you. Anyways we'll be on all night starting around 7 or 8 eastern. Down for 2s, 4s or even BTB style if there's that many people. I should have a 3 box or a 2 + 1 single. Gt: Mtbrown07
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