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  1. I don’t know what I even expected.... I should know by now not to get hyped
  2. Why are we arguing so much about sprint? What Halo really needs is evade back
  3. Does anyone have a link to the full schedule and list of Microsoft 2v2’s? I tried forever last night but couldn’t find it. also do they post the winners from each one anywhere?
  4. Matched against Bubu, Scarvayne, and Baker. With shooter in his GT I thought it was the actual Shooter. Then I saw on twitter it was Baker. They ripped us in Heretic Flag. He was actually pretty dang good.
  5. I’m wired in. I wasn’t sure if it would help at all or not. Just tired of having shots not hit or getting warriored. Guess it’s just the game
  6. See that’s what I thought but I’m still getting warriored by kids. It’s not a huge burden to upgrade but I wasn’t sure if it would make any difference.
  7. How much of a difference would I see between 150mbps download and say 250? 400? 1000? For Halo 3 Currently at 150 down, 20 up, 30ish ping. Those numbers would improve as well along with download
  8. I just moved to Houston from Portland. In H3 we had huge H3 LANs. Some big names coming down too from all over Texas. I miss those days
  9. Fun fact, Instinct off of Showtime is the same Instinct as the one who founded Allegiance
  10. There won’t be an accurate list of rosters/teams until check in. I guarantee that there are some of those rosters on that list that will have last minute changes due to shade/people no showing. Relax your toxic levels a little bit.
  12. Gab posted GMS needs 1 for STL. Fantasy can’t make it. Curious to see if this shakes up any other rosters
  13. Big Texan boot camp going on right now. Swift Kill and Rammy’s team, GMS is there (or at least Gab and Goofy), Zildjian’s team, along with some other big Texas names. Come check us out
  14. Kind of OT but not really considering this thread But I'm looking at getting a gaming PC, I want it to be a good pre-built PC that I can play most games on. I'm interested in playing CSGO, PUBG, H1Z1, some Battlefield games, SC2, etc Can anyone direct me in the way of a capable PC that will get me bang for my buck under $1000? I don't need it to be top of the line
  15. Obligatory HCS Pro League Fall 2017 Teams, Seeds, and Pizza Discussion
  16. What does it cost to come spectate? I'm flying into Atlanta today to coach a basketball tournament but would love to come by during my free time.
  17. I won a local 2v2 in H3 at a Gatti Town where we beat some 10 year old and his father in the finals for $100 per person. You're damn right I talked trash to them.
  18. Except this isn't the finals. Frustrating. Love the tweet though.
  19. Just walked the stage at my college graduation with my bachelors degree, came to see if I missed anything good/if the event was any better. I don't know what I expected....
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