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  1. Gamertag: Slider87 Looking for To4 Scrims. Weekdays 5-9 PST Region: United States
  2. MY team from UGC is unable to attend GFG so I am looking to join a team. GT: Slider87 Twitter: @jslider87
  3. I was there for the whole event, and when I wasn't in the ballroom watching I was in my rooom with the stream on. First off, Thanks to all UGC and 343i folks who were there. We know you were putting in long hours and worked basicly from Wednesday all the way up untill the FFA started. As someone who has also been tasked with the impossible before, I can appreiciate the work you guys put in, and a lot of folks do as well. The Venue was awesome, My only complaint with it was that it was slightly too dark. But the 3D Printed Weapons Display was awesome , the stations we're great if a little crowded, and main stage setup was excellent. Venue gets a Positive rating from me. Yes it was a bit crowded but, I understand that this venue was booked with the intent of hosting up to 64 teams, not 90-96. And I don't think adding teams was a bad idea because we want this game to flourish and we want HCS to succeed. Stream was good, I'm no expert on commentating but I understand that we have limited broadcast host going over the same limited gametypes on the same limited maps, round after round after round. It wont always be invigorating, but it was still a good product. The downtime; however, was a killer. My thoughts are possibly getting a hook up so that one or maybe even two of the other side stations hooked up so that the stream can switch over to one of them when there's no action on mainstag, just to minimize downtime. Refereering and judging... This one affected me personally when one of my teammates dropped to blackscreen midmatch during a tied ctf game, our ref saw it and left to go get someone else. Amongst that choas the other team played on as we were trying to let them know what was going on. One of my teammates left to follow the ref (the opposing team would score another cap while we aren't even playing) and when she returned we ended the game. I myself was the one who ended the match, but I cannot positively say whom instructed me to go ahead and do so. I thought it was the ref, but a teammate of mine later said it was the other team. The ruling that eventually came down was that because we ended the game early instead of playing through, the opposing team was given the option to take the win or to play the match over. They opted to take the win. Listed in the UGC rules: 26. In the event of equipment failure, the current game will be restarted from the beginning, unless a team is winning by more time than is remaining in a time-based objective game. This was not the only controversial ruling made during the tournament, but the notable others have already been covered in this forum. UGC would later give my team free customized shirts for the trouble, Which we were glad to accept, and I thank the staff for that. It was still definately a rough way to end our tournament. I will note that we went on to lose the next match in the series, so we still had a chance to pull it out, but after the ruling, momentum kinda changed and tempers flared a bit on our side. I thought it was odd that our station referee had to leave to go get someone else to make a ruling, and I feel like that defeats the purpose of having a station ref. I also did not appreciate that my ref spent her time on her phone instead of paying attention to the match in play. I do not know the correct way to go about fixing all of these issues, but I would like more consistancy on the rulings, and a station ref with knowledge of the game and with the authority or say "yes this is a restart," instead of having to leave to get someone else. (More MCC Patches, and Lan capabillity for XB1 would help, but I know what those things entail.) All in all my team and I had great time, met some amazing people, watched some kick-ass halo, and appreciate what we able to be a part of.
  4. Looking for a player to serve as an alternate for short term this Sunday as one of my team members will be unable to play. This person could serve as an alternante during the week too should they desire. Let me know. GT: Slider87 or twitter: @jslider87
  5. I sent you a message on XBL. I'm looking for one more for St. Louis.
  6. I'm looking for two as well, sent you a message on XBL. Looking for two for St. Louis and online events
  7. Malistic is still looking for two teammates for the UGC St. Louis Tourney. We currently have two double queen rooms reserved at the Hilton the event is located at and a team pass secured. We lost two of our teammates a few weeks and are looking to replace them ASAP in order to get strat/scrim time in. Must be available most evenings. We are currentlly located on the west coast and usually start the evening between 1600-1700 PST if that gives you an idea of when to be on. Please only inquire if you can definitely make the trip. If you're interested in trying out, running scrims, ect. please contact either: GT: Slider87 twitter: @jslider87 -or- GT: Klepto Yo -or- Post reply.
  8. Must be able to attend the UGC St. Louis Event, be serious, available most weeknights, and perform good communication I understand each person has their own schedule, but it generally out works better to be on the west coast just for time zone and scheduling simplicity. Message GT: Slider87 or reply in the forums
  9. Team Name: Malistic Winner: Malistic Round Number: 1 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
  10. Such Truth... my friends and I took Wednesday off and stocked up on snacks and goods to relive the good ol days and binge game. So not only did we not get paid because we didnt go to work, we also spent money (the only reason we each got an xbone was for MCC) to sit and stuggle to even play customs together. Biggest dissapointment in awhile....
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