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  1. The only reason I ever started following Optic was due to their teams in H2A, sad to see them ditch one of the games that they started with. Wonder what will happen to the Gears of War and COD team
  2. That wasn't 2gre in the pic with Kanye just a lookalike lmao
  3. Is this EU team a god squad or is the EU scene actually decent in COD now? Good to see
  4. MLG announcement followed by some new Final Boss merch being released is the dream
  5. Some great Halo being played but for some reason just didnt enjoy it as much as normal Too many stomps and need of new maps/ gametypes
  6. Surely MCC is gonna have to be on Games With Gold to even get a decent population to touch that game again. Wish there was a PC port too
  7. Just give me Halo 3 and MW2 backwards compatible and I will be a happy man this year
  8. Not a big COD fan but it is great to see the EU teams doing well after the scene being supported. Looks like it has taken a few years in COD but I wish it would happen in Halo
  9. Nothing really made me want to turn my xbox on either though, one of the most disappointing E3's I can remember all around. Battlefront is the only game I am sold on
  10. Were any of those characters from the original Destiny story without DLC? I legit cant remember anything apart from Peter Dinklage....
  11. Lets not forget Optic beat nV to send them to losers earlier today even with the Snakebite illness The illness is obviously a factor but credit to nV for stepping up their game
  12. That OS burn with 2 beatdowns from Pistola was the play of the game
  13. Finally get some good settings that make the game enjoyable to watch but now we have the worst production in history........
  14. Counting community shields as a trophy is like counting online tourney wins in Halo
  15. That Machinima video was surprisingly pretty balanced and well done imo, although that channel has fallen off just as bad as Halo has
  16. Are the current 12 best players in the game on OG, nV and Liquid? I can't really see any way the rosters can improve from the other teams
  17. I always knew Snip3down was too good with the sniper for it to be legit
  18. Such an unfortunate time to happen too, the hype was building after that slayer match....
  19. The NV of today have to show up if there is any chance of making the grand final close imo
  20. Chill out dude If Hecz wanted to pull out of Halo he would have done it ages ago, his org is 90% certain to win 500k this weekend....
  21. Surely this 60k viewers from twitter number has to be from people unmuting it and putting it full screen? If it was just autoplay it would be way higher
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