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  1. I keep spawning in mid air lmao WTF is this map
  2. These 'few minutes' for the weekend playlist have taken a while....
  3. Playing some classic map remakes with H2 BR starts will be glorious. There goes my weekend.
  4. If they just released a Modern Warfare Collection they would be rolling in it. Wont buy a Ghosts 2 or new IW game
  5. Is there a way of seeing what server you are playing on? Not sure if it is the weird aiming or the servers but my accuracy changes crazy amounts in short spaces of time. Some games I will feel like my shot is great and the next I can't hit anyone at all
  6. 3.30 AM and I am so pumped from that series. Screw sleeping, I am playing Halo.
  7. Brilliant to see so many newer players having great impacts also. Commonly, Frosty, Suspector, Jimbo and more.
  8. That series must have won a shit load of new viewers over, incredible from start to finish. What a way to open up Halo 5
  9. Frosty has won CLG two games now.... should have won a third with that Overkill on The Rig too
  10. Spartan charges need to be disabled in Team Snipers, I get killed more by people just running at me than being shot.
  11. Dammit, unlucky Epsilon. I would love to see them be able to scrim some NA teams at some point
  12. Better to get that out of the way early in the tournament in a group that EG should still get through I suppose. Definitely need more consistent decisions in the later matches though
  13. So none of EG had their preferred controller settings at the start of the game? No idea how a replay wasnt allowed if true
  14. Well that was underwhelming, 3rd game killed right at the start....
  15. You can see the grinding that AE have done is paying off, they know so many 'nerdy' strats and play so smart at times
  16. I almost died of laughter at the start of that listen in, Naded's screaming is hilarious
  17. Cant see Renegades dropping a slayer so Epsilon have to win this map
  18. Too many caps. I got temp banned for saying GOD SAVE THE QUEEN when Epsilon were playing
  19. Best match of the day was the Allegiance vs Epsilon Strongholds Empire.... so close to pulling of an upset and Jimbo went off. The double suicide TS game in Renegades vs Liquid was pretty good too

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