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  1. So watching on the Xbox Twitch app gets you the free REQ pack? Main channel on the TV and ESL Halo on computer
  2. The BUKS are putting out really good content recently, they definitely deserve more views.
  3. Surely there has to be a gentleman's agreement over the powerup glitch at least. If not there has to be a map forfeit for those who use it, cant be having the game glitching out in the biggest Halo tournament ever
  4. Damn it I am gonna miss the C9 vs Epsilon match.... was looking forward to that the most
  5. I dont know if it is just us Europeans but the servers have been so bad lately. I get the 'retrieving data' message and get kicked out of games more often than when there was no EU region lock.
  6. Fantastic read once again, good work. I hope Jimbo gets a chance on a top NA team if he does make the move, he has the talent for sure.
  7. Ouch, that 1st EU seed for Infused didnt work out too well for them. That draw has got me hyped, wish the games started tomorrow
  8. 5.30 pm and I cant find a single match in Arena with no placement games done at all..... Edit : Could just be people waiting for that update actually
  9. My money is on APG or Pistola wanting to join Optic. In the Optic podcast the other day Hecz was speaking very highly of Ola
  10. I was trying it out a bit earlier and just couldn't get used to it, I liked the zoom on LT but cant deal with melee on RS. I might try swapping nades (RB) with melee (RS) in the button remapping thing to see if it is any easier
  11. Has anyone switched from Bumper Jumper Layout to the Helljumper layout? I am hearing lots of people saying the LT to zoom is much more responsive and better all-round than RS, thoughts?
  12. They were looking at getting an EG team house like last week, no chance they are splitting. Sure they are going through a slight rocky patch in online scrims at the moment (not that it matters) but I still would be in no way surprised if they turned it around and win worlds...
  13. Do Spartan Charges with the sword/ hammer not count towards the Spartan Company progress?
  14. Yeah it has its own social playlist and I believe it is in Team Arena too
  15. Jesus christ Assault is frustrating to play solo, people have no idea what they are doing.
  16. Having a double thrust as the carrier in assault works pretty well, got a funny ninja on a guy trying to get me with a grav hammer
  17. At least the Torque map looks very good, better than Riptide and Overgrowth for sure. Assault looks good but I am more curious as to how Oddball will play, doesnt look like it will be put into Arena right away though.
  18. Frosty is amazing to watch , some of his decisions and movement is unbelievable. Reminds me a little bit of the Pistola of old
  19. Need infection for most of the minigames to be worthwhile Would be gutted if I was a forger
  20. This playlist is a complete mess, what a let down. I thought we were getting community maps, not just pink Breakout maps for slayer.

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