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  1. Has there been any word on Oddball being tested at all? Honestly think oddball could play very well if done correctly
  2. Would love to see Jimbo on Optic, would be great to see a UK player compete on a top NA team. Judging by the recent Optic vlogs their house is pretty full at the moment. Maybe the new Counter Strike house they are getting will have room?
  3. Not a fan of the gameplay but I really like the production on this COD tournament. Possibly watching another massive choke this weekend too...
  4. Congrats CLG, clearly the best team won the event. I hope some squads can look like challenging next season. Not a fan of the teabagging mid series by them though, unnecessary.
  5. I really hope some info about the pro league or a season 2 is revealed tomorrow and there isnt too big of a break, I need my Halo fix.
  6. Ah ffs RIP Epsilon. Didnt show up like yesterday Elevate looking very good though
  7. Epsilon not playing anywhere near the level they were yesterday, giving Elevate an easy ride. So disappointing
  8. https://twitter.com/FlamezEU/status/711303404329390080 Epsilon coach
  9. CLG 3-1 looking at the gametypes Please prove me wrong EG...
  10. Onset and Bravo casting were brilliant Is the Epsilon vs Elevate game being pushed back for later? B stream is the same as main
  11. That series was RNG in a nutshell. Amazing when on top but really lose focus when losing
  12. Epsilon have a good chance of top 4 if they play like yesterday. Possible rematch with RNG for top 2 also....
  13. They are using the same format as they do in the UEFA Champions League it seems like Not a big fan of this 'random draw' with no double elimination considering how much is on the line even for finishing 2nd
  14. EG didnt look great on day 1 of X Games and came back strong, I expect them to do the same. Is there any information on how the quarter final draw will work yet?
  15. Did the people complaining about it not being 100% NA teams even watch Epsilon earlier? They beat a top 8 NA team and gave CLG a scare, if they get a favourable draw I think they could sneak top 4.
  16. That was a really weird Rig TS. EG didnt seem to want to hold inside when they had the sniper
  17. Infused were disappointing, no chance of upsetting EG or RNG if they play like that
  18. Epsilon top 4 if they get a favourable draw and play like that again
  19. Why were these EU teams invited, should be all NA teams....

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