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  1. Most of these games have been so close but Optic clutching up every time. Good to see this much viewership on Halo just for a scrim
  2. Loving the commentary and production so far, big improvement from last season. Disappointed that Maniac didnt bring back the BtH name for his two final weeks though...
  3. Is that Pacman guy the same one from the Halo 3 MLG combine videos?
  4. He has made 2 videos with FearItSelf recently which were pretty good. Looks like he plans to compete in the online qualifiers at the very least providing he finds teammates.
  5. Only watched season 1 of the US Office and never went back, might need to watch more if it improves after that. UK Office is one of my favourite shows ever, the David Brent film actually comes out tomorrow :glasses:
  6. I am 20 and started with CE. Dad bought the Xbox on day 1 and we played the campaign together all weekend. My surname is actually 'Flood' so it was pretty cool getting to the Flood missions even though I was scared shitless. Just played the Halo 1 and Halo 2 campaign over and over again for years with my brother and dad before finally getting XBL when the 360 came out.
  7. I was looking forward to the relegation matches more than the main matches themselves to be honest. Very disappointing news, I hope they can change it in time.
  8. What a game that was. That camo clutch by Mose was great
  9. Envy are looking amazing at the moment, happy for Mikwen and Ola to be doing so well after not qualifying for Worlds. Lets hope they don't get destroyed by CLG next week....
  10. Wow, I was not expecting E6 to win that convincingly. Looks like CLG will run away with the pro league, teams 2-8 all look capable of beating eachother on any given day but not even challenge CLG.
  11. Off topic but this is pretty crazy, shows how far esports is coming. Other big football (soccer) teams like Valencia, West Ham, Schalke etc have been making moves into esports, including FIFA which is pretty small.
  12. A 3 person casting desk is definitely needed, watching the preview tournament and EU pro league was great with 3 people.
  13. Whos idea was it to have this as a one day event, this is gonna be a very late finish.
  14. F/A Player GT: xFloody Location: UK Looking for committed team that try and stick together and grind, would like to do online tournaments and LAN events
  15. That last little section from Flame was pretty emotional . Now we see who they pick up....
  16. Just woke up at 5am for some reason, scrims to watch. :sunglasses:
  17. Cratos 'Messi' and Bubu 'Ronaldinho' on Crowd Pleasers lol inb4 Shooter 'Suarez'
  18. Last 15 minutes or so in Lethul's stream have been absolutely hilarious, I was in tears.
  19. I could have sworn multi team was normally played on the normal maps not BTB maps, not as fun having people on vehicles all game imo.
  20. Did I just see a Torque remix? Cant be any worse surely
  21. Sad to see this pretty cool UFO map ruined due to infection not being in the game. Still find it crazy how that and race are still not in the game despite being so important to playing customs in general. EDIT: Lol, one minute later

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